Car Parking Lisbon

Finding car parking in Lisbon can give you a headache.

Lisbon’s space is at a premium with its winding medieval streets and compact city center.

Nevertheless, with some preparation and know-how, you can navigate the parking situation in Lisbon with less stress and find parking lots.

So, I have compiled a comprehensive guide for parking spaces that covers everything you need to know, from parking meters and garages to free parking and paying for parking.

Read on for tips and information on mastering parking in Lisbon.

How do You Pay for Parking in Portugal


Now, before we get to where you can park your car in Lisbon, it helps to know how you must pay for your parking spot.

So, understanding the payment methods for parking in Lisbon is crucial for a smooth experience.

Accepting bank cards or coins is the typical way to pay for a parking ticket in street-metered zones and parking garages. Yet, some specific tips for paying parking fees in Lisbon include:

Cash / Coins

Having €0.05, €0.10, €0.20, and €0.50 coins on hand is very useful for feeding quickly expiring parking meters. You can also use bills in payment machines.

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Chip & PIN Bank Card


If a parking meter or garage payment machine accepts bank cards, they will require a chip and PIN card – like those used across Europe. Swipe-only cards are standard in other parts of the world and will not work.

Mobile Apps

Apps like Emel Pay and Easy Park allow you to pay for metered parking in Lisbon using your mobile device. However, they require a registered Portuguese mobile number first.

Using mobile apps to pay is the preferred method. You can quickly pay for parking, extend your stay remotely, and receive notifications before your time expires.

Parking Vouchers

Some parking garages sell discounted all-day & multi-day parking vouchers at shops around the city. It’s worth asking about these to save up to 50% for more extended stays.

Watch for these standard payment tools when parking your vehicle in Lisbon.

Is There Any Free Parking in Lisbon?


While free parking in the city center is a rarity, there are some areas where you can leave your car without reaching for your wallet.

The outskirts and residential neighborhoods often have free street parking, but be prepared for a walk or public transportation to reach the main attractions.

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Free Parking In Lisbon

It’s possible to park for free in Lisbon, but sometimes you’ll have to prepare to walk a little from where you park the car to your destination, as the free parking spots are a little outside the center.

Here are some of the places you can park for free.

Monsanto Forest Park


This massive city park does offer some accessible outdoor parking areas near trailheads and picnic areas. Spots do fill up on nice weather weekends, though.

 Parque Eduardo VII Park


A small parking lot at the top of the hillside park provides free year-round parking. Great views over Lisbon are also available here.

Street Parking in Belém

Metered parking expires in the evenings, making it accessible overnight, typically from 8 pm to 9 am in the residential areas of Belém. Read signs carefully, though, as restrictions can vary by street.

Shopping Center Parking


Many malls and shopping centers, such as Colombo, Vasco da Gama, Amoreiras, and others, offer customers free parking for the first few hours. So if doing some shopping, take advantage of the parking capacity available.

Parking near Lisbon Airport: Convenient Options


If you’re flying into Lisbon and plan to travel with a rented car, you should have no problem. But if you need to stop at the airport departure terminal for drop-offs/pick-ups, it can be chaotic with congested traffic.

The same applies if you need to leave your car while traveling and need a secure place for your vehicle; numerous parking options surround the Lisbon Portela airport.

Both short-term and long-term parking facilities are available, providing travelers with flexibility. The official Lisbon Airport parking facility is across from Terminal 1.

Hot Tip🔥: This detailed article provides more information about Lisbon Airport’s layout and how to reach the city center.

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Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

Mid to long-term parking rates here are €12 per 24 hours in the outdoor car park or €17 per 24 hours in the secure indoor garage. The Shuttle buses efficiently transport you to your departure terminal.

Alternatively, various third-party private airport parking companies offer parking with complimentary shuttle transport, too. Prices are very competitive, typically ranging from €5-10 per day.

These affordable parking spots make it easy to access flights from Lisbon Airport.

Other Alternative for Car Parking in Lisbon

Lisbon boasts an extensive network of parking meters and car park garages conveniently scattered throughout the city.

Parking Meters: Pay-as-You-Go Convenience

You can find parking meters (parquímetros) around different streets in the center of Lisbon, typically with a maximum stay of 2 hours.

You’ll find parking meters along major streets, near tourist attractions, and busy commercial areas. The hourly rates generally range from €1 to €2 depending on the zone, and payment is accepted in coins or via mobile apps.

Zone 1 is closest to major attractions, and the riverfront tends to be more expensive. Green and red lights on the meters indicate if parking is available or if the spot has expired. It is recommended that coins be on hand to pay the meter.

The reason is that some do not accept bank cards or require a Portuguese mobile phone for app payments. EMEL manages metered street parking; you can identify their meters with the yellow “E” logo.

Some key areas where street-metered parking is available include the Avenida Da Liberdade, Baixa, and Chiado neighborhoods. However, be warned that spots are scarce and often quickly taken, especially during peak tourism seasons.

Come prepared with backup options if you cannot find an available meter.

Parking Garages: Safe and Secure Options

Parking garages (parques de estacionamento) offer more reliable all-day and overnight parking than meters on the street. These facilities provide 24/7 surveillance, ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Prices vary based on the garage’s location and amenities, such as proximity to popular destinations.

Finding Parking Garages

Exploring Lisbon’s parking garages is a breeze, as they are strategically located near key landmarks and busy districts. The majority of parking garages work through the EMEL agency.

Over 60 public parking garages are located throughout Lisbon. Expect to pay between €1.50 and €3 per hour, with daily rates ranging from €13 to €25.

Some garages offer discounted rates for extended stays or overnight parking, making them cost-effective for short and long visits.

Popular garages include those under Comércio Plaza, Rossio Plaza, and Marquês de Pombal Plaza. These put you in the city center, close to major attractions and transportation connections.

The Vasco da Gama and Oriente garages near Parque das Nações are also convenient for metro and train access.

Here at Parque das Nações, you can shop and enjoy a meal at the many restaurants. Parque das Nações is also close to the waterfront.  

Some tips for using Lisbon parking garages:

  • Press the ticket button when entering and take the paper ticket dispensed.
  • When exiting, insert this ticket into the payment machine and pay the amount owed via coins, bills, or bank card. The exit barrier will then open.
  • Parking garages have very low ceilings – watch for height restrictions if driving a larger vehicle.

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Wrap-Up: Stress-Free Parking in Lisbon

Navigating parking in Lisbon can be a breeze with the proper knowledge.

Whether you choose the convenience of parking meters, the security of parking garages, or free parking on the outskirts, my guide equips you with the information needed for a stress-free experience.

Enjoy exploring Lisbon, knowing your car is parked safely and efficiently. If you are still deciding where to stay, check out some of the best hotels in Alfama.

Safe travels! I know you will love Lisbon like I do when traveling there!

Frequently Asked Questions

First, note that they only accept coins to use the parking meters, though you can also pay using the ePark app on your phone. After parking, locate the nearest meter on the street, confirm the parking time limit with the green button, and place the printed ticket visibly on your car’s dashboard.

You can expect to pay between €1.50 and €3 per hour, with daily rates ranging from €13 to €25.

Parking in Lisbon can be difficult due to limited availability, especially in central areas. The city has many narrow streets and parking zones with varying pricing and restrictions. Public transportation is a popular alternative due to these challenges.

Free parking in Lisbon is limited and mostly found in residential areas with permits, the outskirts of the city, some shopping centers, and possibly during public holidays and evenings.

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