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Lisbon is a city that captivates visitors with its beautiful architecture, rich culture, and vibrant atmosphere. Furthermore, you can find the best souvenirs in Lisbon to take home.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a special memento for yourself, Lisbon has a plethora of unique and authentic souvenirs to choose from.

My guide will share some of the best souvenirs I took home as gifts. I will also share where you can find them with you.

So, let’s get ready to explore the city’s most treasured souvenirs!

16 Best Souvenirs in Lisbon

While there are many souvenir shops throughout Lisbon, some unique Portuguese products make a perfect souvenir to gift to friends and family or take home. Here is my list to ensure you get the best Portuguese souvenir. 

Portuguese Tiles

Portuguese Azulejos Lisbon Souvenirs

Portuguese Azulejos, also known as Portuguese tiles, make a perfect gift. These hand-painted ceramic tiles are a traditional form of Portuguese art.

They are used to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings, typically blue and white, although other colors are also used.

Azulejos are essential to Portugal’s cultural heritage and can be found in many historic buildings, churches, and palaces throughout the country.

They often depict scenes from Portuguese history, mythology, and religion, as well as geometric patterns and floral designs. But where can you buy them? 

Hot Tip: Visit the Sant’Anna Factory, which is the largest producer, to find the best Portuguese design in these tiles. While you can find many markets and shops, they make the most beautiful iconic tiles. 

You can also admire them at the National Tile Museum

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Fridge Magnets of Slate

Fridge magnets made of slate are the best souvenirs in Lisbon to bring back from Lisbon.

These magnets are handmade from natural Portuguese slate and come in various designs, including famous Lisbon landmarks, traditional Portuguese tiles, and colorful patterns.

You can find these magnets in many souvenir shops throughout the city, but I recommend visiting A Vida Portuguesa for the best quality and variety.

This charming shop in the Chiado neighborhood offers various authentic Portuguese products, including these beautiful slate fridge magnets.

Portuguese Traditional Ceramics

Portuguese Ceramics Lisbon

Portuguese ceramics is another popular choice when buying the best souvenirs in Lisbon.

One thing is sure: you can choose from a wide range of quality-made ceramics with beautiful designs. It makes it a desirable item, and you get authentic products. 

Interestingly enough, Portugal has a rich history of ceramic production dating back centuries. So, buying a piece of Portuguese ceramic work can also serve as a reminder of the country’s cultural heritage.

Finally, Portuguese ceramics are often reasonably priced, making them an affordable and practical souvenir option for travelers. These Portuguese gifts will surely put a smile on someone’s dial. 

Hot Tip: Head to Arte Rustica for traditional handcrafts, or pay Bardallo Pinheiro a visit for something more whimsical. For something more organic, head over to Costa Nova. 

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Invest in Filigree Jewelry

Filigree Jewelry Lisbon Souvenirs

Gold and silver filigree jewelry from Lisbon is renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty. The delicate patterns and designs are a testament to Portugal’s rich heritage in jewelry-making.

So, investing in such a piece is not just acquiring a souvenir but owning a piece of art that can be passed down through generations. You can find a decorative piece to suit your style. 

Hot Tip: For some of the best Lisbon souvenirs when it comes to Filigree jewelry, visit these places:

  • A Vida Portuguesa: This lovely shop offers a curated selection of traditional Portuguese items, including quality jewelry.
  • Rua Augusta: A famous shopping street with multiple jewelry stores with various designs.

Portuguese Linen Embroidery 

Portuguese Linen Embroidery 

Nothing is better than Portuguese embroidery and linen if you want traditional craftsmanship and the best souvenirs in Lisbon.

You can find different souvenir shops selling intricate designs inspired by the country’s history and culture. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home.

Hot Tip: Explore places like the Feira da Ladra flea market or Embaixada, a unique shopping gallery housed in a 19th-century palace offering a selection of high-quality textiles. 

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Cork Products

Lisbon Cork Products Souvenirs

Cork is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that Portugal is known for. Cork accessories are stylish but also durable and lightweight, making them practical souvenirs to take home. 

Portugal is a massive cork producer, and you can find cork accessories catering to fashion and home lifestyles. I recommend you visit Pelcor, which specializes in cork fashion accessories in Principe Real.

Or head to Cork & Co, which also offers a wide selection of cork products in the Bairro Alto district. 

Barcelos Rooster

Barcelos Rooster Lisbon

The Barcelos Rooster is a symbol of luck and happiness in Portuguese culture. Owning a replica of this iconic statue is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

You can find this iconic rooster at any souvenir shop around the city center. Some recommendations are the Lisbon Souvenir & Gift Shop and the local craft markets. It is a popular souvenir to take home.  

Leather Accessories

Nimagens photography by Nicole S√°nchez : : 20
Nimagens photography by Nicole S√°nchez : : 2019

Natural products are famous in Lisbon, and you can find high-quality accessories. Invest in stylish leather shoes, belts, and other items at most fashionable outlets. Luvaria Ulisses and Avenida da Lberdade are worth mentioning, with many stores offering leather goods. 

Lisbon Souvenirs That Are Edible

Lisbon popular edible souvenirs

If you prefer a range of products like sweet treats, dessert wines, or anything else, take some Lisbon edible souvenirs home. Here are some of my favorites:

  • High-quality Olive oil: Portuguese olive oil is known for its rich flavor and quality. Olive oil is sold at numerous food stalls, shops, and large markets. 
  • Pasteis de Nata: Delicious custard tarts that are a must-try in Lisbon are found in most parts of Lisbon. It makes for a tremendous Portuguese souvenir. 
  • Lisbon Tea: Herbal blends inspired by Portuguese flavors found in 
  • Ginjinha: A Portuguese liqueur popular in Lisbon. The cherry liquor has a fruity flavor and is worth buying at home.
  • Port Wine Bottles & Other Portuguese Wines: Portugal is famous for its excellent wines. You can find red wine and white wine. 
  • Portuguese Sardines: Canned sardines packed with flavor you can find at Mrs Can or at Conserveira de Lisboa, both specializing in canned fish products. 
  • Traditional Berry Jams: Sweet preserves made from local fruits.
  • Portuguese Cheese: You can find various cheeses from different regions of Portugal at some wine shops and food stalls. 

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Wrap-Up: Why Invest in Lisbon Souvenirs

In Portugal, you can find the best souvenirs in Lisbon that capture the essence of Portuguese culture and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re interested in fashion, food, or home d√©cor, there’s something for everyone.

These souvenirs serve as lasting mementos of visiting this beautiful city, allowing you to relive and share the experience with others.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to return a piece of Lisbon. Also, while here, remember, before planning your trip, invest some time to check out the best Airbnbs Lisbon has to offer. 

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