Lisbon Rain

As winter bids farewell, you find Lisbon in February unfolding its chilly embrace, emerging as a delightful destination for those seeking a unique blend of history, culture, and romance.

February may not seem ideal for visiting Lisbon, but don’t let the average temperature deter you! Lisbon still shines during the off-season with fewer crowds, lower prices, and plenty of indoor cultural activities.

While the average high daytime temperature is a mild 15°C (59°F), be prepared for rain, too, as it is the wettest month. Bring an umbrella, jacket, and warm layers during the coldest month.

It is the perfect time to immerse yourself in Lisbon’s winter months to see alluring neighborhoods, savor Portuguese comfort food and wine, enjoy the performing arts, and discover why Lisbon makes for an atmospheric winter escape.

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Lisbon in February – Things to Do in Lisbon in February

Great, now that we have Lisbon in February weather sorted out, you may think there is little to do in Lisbon in February. Wrong! I have ten fantastic things you can do while visiting this beautiful city.

1. Cruise the Tagus River


One thing my girlfriend and I found when visiting during February was the romantic ambiance offered throughout the city. One way to achieve this is by cruising the Tagus River in Lisbon to take your romance to new heights.

Even in the cooler months, you will enjoy it when the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city; you can immerse yourself in a captivating atmosphere.


The gentle sway of the boat, the twinkling lights of Lisbon’s skyline, and the rhythmic lapping of the water create a poetic setting. You will sail under iconic bridges like the 25 de Abril Bridge, adding grandeur to the journey.

Onboard, you can relish in a candlelit dinner serenaded by live music that accentuates the romantic ambiance. Enjoy the panoramic views as historical landmarks like Belém Tower and São Jorge Castle illuminate afar.

Alternatively, you can find many restaurants offering romantic dinners.

Still, you can add extra meaning to these special days by visiting one of the many parks in Lisbon to enjoy a picnic. Here, you can read a complete guide on the best picnic places in Lisbon to find a romantic spot.

Did I mention Miradouro da Graça is one of the fantastic viewpoints to watch a Lisbon sunset? Not, well, make sure to visit it. Another highlight is the famous Garrett Street dressing up for the romantic month.

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2. Take a Tourist Bus


Explore the city’s beauty on a tourist bus, weaving through iconic neighborhoods and landmarks. This immersive tour overviews Lisbon’s rich history and vibrant present.

Here, the Lisbon Hop-On Hop-Off Bus comes to my mind, offering a flexible and comprehensive way to discover the city’s charm. The open-top buses provide panoramic views of iconic sites, including the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, and the historic Alfama district.

The Yellow Bus Tours also offer themed routes, allowing you to tailor your exploration based on personal interests. These buses provide insightful commentary in multiple languages, enhancing the cultural experience.

In February, you have fewer tourists than the summer crowds. You can comfortably hop on and off on day trips to explore at your own pace, soaking in Lisbon’s rich history and modern vibrancy from the comfort of these convenient and informative tour buses.

Using this public transport system is a great way to explore the main attractions around the city. 

3. Wine Testing And Enjoying Port


In February, with the average weather, Lisbon invites wine enthusiasts to embark on a delightful journey through its rich viniculture, with a particular emphasis on the iconic Portuguese port wine.

As winter’s chill lingers this month, an ideal time to spend is wine tasting, which is a great way to warm the spirit. Lisbon’s wine scene offers an array of opportunities to savor the complexity and depth of Portuguese wines, with a spotlight on the renowned port wine.

Many establishments and wine cellars in the city organize specialized tastings, guiding participants through the nuances of different varieties. Consider visiting one of Lisbon’s historic wine cellars, especially those in the scenic riverside neighborhood of Alcântara.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the artistry of winemaking and sample a curated selection of ports, each telling a unique story through its flavors. For a more immersive experience, join a guided wine tour through Lisbon’s charming streets to carefully selected wine bars and cellars.

Expert guides share their knowledge, introducing you to the diversity of Portuguese wines, including the world-famous port wine. Pair your wine exploration with local delicacies, enhancing the tasting experience.

From aged cheeses to traditional petiscos (small snacks), the culinary landscape of Lisbon complements the robust character of wines.

As you raise your glass in Lisbon during February, you’ll savor the exquisite flavors and bask in the warmth of Portugal’s hospitality from an impressive wine menu.

The intimate setting and the city’s winter charm make wine tasting an unforgettable highlight of your Lisbon experience.

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4. See a Fado Show


Have a lovely time experiencing the soul-stirring melodies of Fado. The haunting melodies and emotional storytelling of Portugal’s traditional music genre create an intimate atmosphere that resonates deeply.

Several historic venues, like the iconic Alfama district’s intimate Fado houses, offer enchanting performances by skilled musicians to enjoy the cooler weather.

As the sad notes fill the air, you’ll feel the heartbeat of Lisbon’s soul, experiencing the passion and nostalgia that define this musical tradition.

5. Getaway to Sintra


Escape the bustling city and explore Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to enjoy the Lisbon weather.

February offers a quieter Sintra, allowing you to appreciate its enchanting palaces and lush landscapes without the usual crowds. The journey to Sintra, just a short distance from Lisbon, becomes a scenic adventure as you traverse lush landscapes.

Explore the colorful Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle while there. The misty atmosphere adds a touch of mystique to the historic architecture, creating a dreamlike ambiance.

The best part I found is that with fewer tourists, you can comfortably explore Sintra’s charming streets at a comfortable pace.

As you stand atop Sinatra’s hills, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the tranquility of February enhances the overall experience, making it a perfect moment to absorb the magic of this fairytale destination.

Whether you’re exploring the gardens of Quinta da Regaleira or admiring the views from the Palace of Monserrate, a getaway to Sintra promises a peaceful escape into Portugal’s historical and natural wonders.

Here, you can enjoy traditional food and savor Portuguese food to tickle your taste buds. 

6. The Lisbon Carnival Season


Immerse yourself in the many outdoor festivals, especially the vibrant Lisbon Carnival, where the streets come alive with colorful parades, costumes, and lively music. Join the locals in celebrating this spirited event.

While not as grand as Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon’s Carnival has a unique charm. Parades wind through the streets, adorned with elaborate costumes, samba dancers, and infectious energy. Join in the revelry to enjoy laughter and music.

From the historic districts to the waterfront, Lisbon becomes a canvas of cultural expression during Carnival, providing a spirited and unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Portugal’s festive traditions in the heart of winter.

7. Visit Some of the Museums


Enjoy Lisbon’s museums without the usual crowds that flock during peak tourist season. Delve into the city’s art, history, and culture at your own pace.

Start your cultural journey at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, showcasing Portugal’s exquisite tilework. The low season allows you to appreciate the intricate details of these iconic tiles without the usual hustle.

Move to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, home to an impressive Portuguese and European art collection. Wander through its halls, taking in masterpieces with a sense of quiet reflection.

If you are a history enthusiast, the Lisbon Story Centre offers an immersive experience recounting the city’s fascinating history through multimedia exhibits.

The Museu Coleção Berardo, located in the historic Belém district, features contemporary art from renowned international artists.

In tranquility, you can explore the exhibits at your own pace, savoring the diversity of modern artistic expressions.

8. Bargain Shopping

Indulge in a shopping spree in Lisbon during January and early February, capitalizing on the enticing winter sales.

Seize the opportunity to replenish your winter wardrobe with discounted cold-weather essentials before the season concludes. Additionally, consider planning for the warmer days by perusing summer wardrobe options at reduced prices.

For a delightful shopping experience, hop on the Lisbon Metro and head to Alameda. Stroll along Avenida Guerra Junquiero, where an array of clothing and home stores awaits exploration.

This strategic location promises diverse items, ensuring a satisfying and budget-friendly shopping excursion as you prepare for the lingering winter chill and the upcoming summery days.

9. Enjoy Coffee Indoors or Outdoors

Indulge in a unique coffee experience in February by embracing the adventurous spirit of Lisbon.

Venture to local kiosks scattered across major parks and green spaces in the city, where you can enjoy your coffee al fresco. Despite the winter chill, the opportunity to sip coffee outdoors, wrapped in a cozy hat, scarf, and warm coat, offers a delightful and invigorating experience.

Bask in the winter sun, relishing the fresh air while savoring your favorite brew. Whether you opt for the warmth of indoor seating or the crisp freshness of outdoor ambiance, Lisbon’s kiosk coffee culture in February provides a charming and memorable way to enjoy your cup of joe.

10. Stroll Through Bordallo Pinheiro

Embark on a captivating stroll through Jardim Bordallo Pinheiro, nestled within the Pimento Palace, showcasing the vibrant sculptures of the renowned artist Bordallo Pinheiro.

Renowned for his eclectic animal subjects, the garden boasts an array of imaginative creations, from giant wasps and snails to animated black cats and monkeys nestled amidst the trees.

This hidden gem in Lisbon offers a delightful escape, revealing colorful sculptures of frogs, turtles, lobsters, and crabs adorning a charming fountain. The garden’s enchanting ambiance makes it a must-visit destination.

Don’t forget to cast your gaze upward; the palace walls are adorned with splendid examples of Pinheiro’s artistic prowess, adding an extra layer of magic to this truly special place.

Remember to miss the captivating Jardim Bordallo Pinheiro during your Lisbon exploration!

11. Mercado de Santa Clara Market

Discover the vibrant Mercado de Santa Clara for an enjoyable experience in Lisbon during February. Located in Graça, this covered market beckons with an array of indoor and outdoor stalls.

Venture outside to explore vintage posters, records, clothes, and antique furniture, creating a treasure trove for enthusiasts of all things retro. Immerse yourself in a sensory delight as vendors showcase fresh cheese, spices, ceramics, pastries, and more.

The classic market, nestled in the Pantheon’s shadow, offers a unique and eclectic shopping experience.

During your visit, don’t miss the chance to uncover hidden gems; perhaps, like the author, you might stumble upon a charming ceramic piggy bank, a delightful find to store your loose change.

Mercado de Santa Clara promises a delightful blend of nostalgia, culinary delights, and unique treasures.

12. Visit The Taproom Oitava Colina

Ascend the picturesque Graça Hill via the iconic number 28 tram en route to Taproom Oitava Colina for a delightful craft beer experience. Prioritize a pit stop at Miradouro dos Barros to relish the enchanting sunset views over Lisbon.

Witness the illuminated Castelo de São Jorge in the evening glow and, with the right lens, catch a distant glimpse of the Christ the King statue in Almada across the river.

At Taproom Oitava Colina, savor the selection of excellent beers on tap, including a frothy porter and an enticing IPA. The bar offers bottled varieties for takeaway, allowing one to enjoy their diverse range beyond the on-tap options.

This outing promises a scenic journey and a tasteful exploration of Lisbon’s craft beer scene.

13. Enjoy a Vibrant Nightlife

Indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Lisbon by enjoying cocktails at the 18.68 cocktail bar.

Delight in the Art Deco-inspired ambiance as you peruse their diverse drink menu. My personal pick was a cherry-flavored concoction with a boozy cherry garnish, offering a distinctly Portuguese flavor.

The whiskey-based drink exuded a cozy winter warmth, making it the perfect choice for a February evening in the city. Embrace the trendy setting and treat your taste buds to a delightful, uniquely crafted cocktail at 18.68.

14. Enjoy Dinner at Palacio Chiado

Escape Valentine’s Day crowds by opting for a romantic dinner at Palacio Chiado on February 15th.

Housed in a restored palace, the restaurant exudes a dramatic atmosphere. Ascend a staircase adorned with a stunning painted ceiling and illuminated stained glass. Inside, encounter a surprise – a gilded winged lion hanging from the ceiling, its reflection dancing on mirrored tables.

Indulge in delectable starters and mains, complemented by Portuguese white wine. Though not budget-friendly, the experience feels special even a day late.

Palacio Chiado’s setting provides ample photo opportunities, making it a memorable choice for commemorating love

15. Savor Some Oysters

Embark on a photo walk in Príncipe Real and quench your thirst at Oyster & Margarita. Despite its name, the place offers a diverse margarita menu.

Choose from classics to spicy and smoky variations, served impeccably in heavy crystal glasses.

Sit outside in the February afternoon, savoring the delightful atmosphere with a jacket on.

It’s a perfect pit stop for margarita enthusiasts, offering a relaxing ambiance in the heart of Lisbon.

16. Unwind at Old Pharmacy

Descend from Príncipe Real to Bairro Alto and unwind at The Old Pharmacy, a wine bar with a unique history.

Housed in a former pharmacy, the glass cabinets once holding medicines now showcase beautifully backlit wine bottles. Enjoy a glass of Portuguese wine while seated at barrels, observing passersby.

Despite its tourist popularity, February provides a quieter experience, allowing you to relish a tranquil wine-sipping session in this charming spot.

17. Enjoy Some Laughter

Attend the Lisbon comedy meetup at Cafe Selva in Alcântara for an evening of laughter.

After the comedic interlude, head to Dona Flor for a delightful dinner featuring hearty meat dishes, generous side salads, and Brazilian influences.

The restaurant’s ambiance and varied menu create a perfect blend for a memorable February evening filled with laughter and satisfying gastronomic experiences.

18. Savor Some Brunch

Embrace the winter with a cozy brunch at Olivia in Saldanha. Indulge in their fresh-squeezed juices, well-crafted cappuccinos, and a delightful menu.

Savor American-style lemon meringue pancakes or scrambled eggs with bacon on toast.

Olivia offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a worthwhile brunch destination during your winter visit to Lisbon.

19. Do Shopping in Chiado

Explore the historic shops of Chiado near the Baixa-Chiado Metro station.

Dive into the cavernous Livraria Sá da Costa, where Portuguese books abound, creating a delightful atmosphere for browsing.

While language may be a barrier, the experience of perusing these historic stores adds a touch of cultural immersion to your Lisbon itinerary.

20. Visit a Rooftop Bar

Experience Lisbon’s charm in February with a visit to a rooftop bar like Mensagem – Restaurante e Bar Panorâmico inside the Lisbon Pessoa Hotel.

While the cocktail menu offers splurge-worthy options like a 25-euro Long Island iced tea, we opted for a more economical choice – a rosé and white wine.

Though the wine prices range from 8 to 10 euros per glass, the added treat of nuts and raisins sweetens the deal. While the premium view of Castelo de São Jorge comes at a cost, making it a budget-sensitive choice may be a consideration.

Still, this rooftop bar is an ideal spot for those seeking spectacular views to enjoy a drink in Lisbon.

Lisbon Weather in February: Packing Tips

February in Lisbon paints a picturesque scene with mild temperatures ranging from 9°C to 16°C (48°F to 61°F). So during winter months, you can still expect sunny weather. 

While the weather leans towards the cooler side, it’s generally pleasant. Start with the essentials – comfortable walking shoes for navigating Lisbon’s charming cobblestone streets.

A waterproof jacket is a wise addition, given the occasional drizzles contributing to the city’s lush greenery. Layers are your best friend; pack a mix of sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and T-shirts to adapt to changing temperatures throughout the day.

Evenings in February during the winter tend to be cooler, so having a cozy sweater or light jacket is essential for outdoor strolls or al fresco dining.

Consider bringing a stylish scarf to not only keep you warm but also add a touch of flair to your ensemble. Remember sunglasses; Lisbon’s winter sun can be surprisingly bright, providing the perfect backdrop for exploring the city’s historic neighborhoods.

Opt for comfortable yet stylish clothing, blending functionality with a touch of European flair. A pair of jeans or trousers with comfortable sneakers is a go-to for exploring Lisbon’s hills and hidden corners.

Consider packing a slightly dressier outfit to indulge in Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife. Many of the city’s restaurants and bars have a laid-back elegance that calls for a smart-casual approach.

What to Pack for Your Trip to Lisbon in February

Since Lisbon can be rainy and chilly in February, packing the right gear will enhance your travels. Some top items to include are:

  • Rain jacket or waterproof outer layer
  • Sweaters, cardigans, and sleeve shirts
  • Scarf, hat, and gloves
  • Warm socks
  •  Pack layers for layering pieces like leggings and long underwear
  • Waterproof boots or all-weather shoes
  • Small travel umbrella
  • Lightweight down jacket for extra warmth
  • Sunglasses

The Advanced Lisbon Quiz

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Wrap-Up: Lisbon in February

Lisbon in February is a captivating blend of romance, culture, and unique experiences.

Enjoy average highs of Lisbon weather, taking part in romantic cruises on the Tagus River to the vibrant Lisbon Carnival, which offers many activities against the charming backdrop of one of Europe’s most captivating cities.

Embrace the mild winter temperatures, pack wisely, and immerse yourself in the enchanting tapestry Lisbon in February.

So, for more ideas on the best itinerary, check out my 1-4 day Lisbon itinerary trips.

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