Christmas Markets in Lisbon

Wow, you must be super excited about your Christmas trip to Lisbon. You will not be disappointed as it is a magical time of the year in the city.

The fantastic part is you can explore all the Christmas markets in Lisbon, which are found everywhere. You can visit them to find great gifts and enjoy a magical time.

These markets turn Lisbon into a fairytale wonderland, from the city to the surroundings. Let’s explore some of them to make your vacation memorable.

1. Wonderland Lisboa

  • Location
    Parque Eduardo VII
  • Date
    30 Nov – 1 Jan
  • Opening Time
    12:00 PM/Sundays 10:00 PM 
Wonderland Lisboa

You can enjoy a full month of magic over Christmas at Wonderland Lisboa in Parque Eduardo VII. Here, you can enjoy the best views of Lisbon by taking a ride on the Ferris wheel, costing around €5.

You can enjoy the giant Christmas tree in the park on the ride. Furthermore, you can find a skating rink onsite to enjoy ice skating with the family, and it is free. There is also a Christmas train and trampolines for the kids to ride on.

Also, take the children to Santa’s Village and explore the stalls. At Quinta dos Macedo, they can enjoy the best hot chocolate, which comes with a sardine-shaped pastry.

2. Figueira Christmas Gourmet

  • Location
    Praça da Figueira
  • Date
    23 Nov – 17 Dec
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM 

At Rossio Market from 23 November to 17 December, you can visit the Figueira Christmas Gourmet at the Downtown Market. Here, you can find regional and traditional products.

Enjoy the International Showcooking exhibits of international chefs at 5:30 PM on 25 November and 1, 2, 8, 9, and 16 December. Also, check out the Moscatel Sangria or Ginja, a typical mulled wine with a Portuguese twist.

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3. Rossio Christmas Market

  • Location
    Rpssop Square Baixa
  • Date
    17 Nov – 23 Dec
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM 
Christmas in Lisbon

While shopping for presents and souvenirs, head to Baixa to explore the Rossio Christmas Market.

You can head to PraçaDom Pedro IV for a winter wonderland experience there. Stroll around the stalls to feel the Christmas spirit while tasting mulled wine, proco preto, known as black pig sandwiches, and dried fruits.

There is loads to see and do for both young and old. Take a ride on the Christmas train, and you will find a life-sized diorama in the center. There are also art exhibits to explore.


You can also visit the famous Lisbon doll hospital year-round. Hospital de Bonecas dates back to 1830, and you can find when sick and injured dolls were brought in from the neighborhood children for treatment.

The entrance fee is €2, but you can also get a sneak peek at the Lisbon Christmas Market.

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4. Diplomatic Bazaar

  • Location
    Lisbon Congress Centre
  • Date
    3 Nov – 4 Nov
  • Opening Time
    11:00 AM 

While the Diplomatic Bazaar is not part of the typical Christmas markets in Lisbon, it remains a great place to shop. If you are short on time, join the day event, which will take you worldwide.

Enjoy delicious food from different continents through products and some gastronomic delights. The best part is you can feel good about any purchase you make here.

The event’s proceeds are donated to charities. The €2 entree is well worth it.

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5. Mercadinho Domus

  • Location
    Avenida José Malhoa 22 (Praça de Espanha) 
  • Date
    25 Nov
  • Opening Time
    1:00 PM 

For another treat of local and gourmet products from across Portugal’s beautiful cities, head to Mercadinho Domus. You can find hygiene products, rice, pasta, and baby items here.

But ensure you are there before 4 PM to participate in the chocolate tasting free from Pedaços de Cacau with teas and infusions from Lisbon Tea Company.

6. Campo Pequeno Mercado de Natal Market

  • Location
    Campo Prequeno
  • Date
    30 Nov, 3 Dec, 7-10 Dec
  • Opening Time
    11:00 AM 

The Christmas market in Lisbon is a two-parter. You can experience the traditional Christmas market from 30 November to 3 December.

At this time, there are more than 90 vendors with gifts, food, and wintery drinks. You can easily find regional products to try here. From 7 to 10 December, you will experience a gourmet market.

Expect luxurious products for your home and wardrobe and one-of-a-kind produce like craft beer, gin, and more. The entry fee is €2, but you can get a €1 discount voucher when you purchase €10 or more.

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7. Reino do Natal Market

  • Location
    Parque da Liberdade Sintra
  • Date
    1 – 30 Dec
  • Opening Time
    Different Times

One of my favorite day trips is to Sintra, especially this time of year. With free entry, explore the Reino do Natal, which is found in the hills and caves of Parque da Liberdade. You will be amazed that this market looks like it comes out of a fairytale.

You can chat with Santa Clause to tell him your wish or chat. Or you can play some mini-golf and snack on typical sweets for a wonderful time. You can also stop at Associação Animais de Rua kiosk to buy trinkets and stuffed animals.


  • 9 am – 5 pm – 6, 7, 14, 15, 20 – 22 December
  • 11 AM – 7 PM – 1 – 3, 8 – 10, 16, 17, 23 and 30 December

8. Alvalade’s Mercado de Natal Market

  • Location
    Avenida da Igreja
  • Date
    6 – 17 Dec
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM 

At Alvalade’s Mercado Natal, you can find unique Christmas gifts and souvenirs. Buy handcrafted gifts while eating gastronomic delights and enjoying the festive spirit. You can also take your kids to the Santa House to share their wishes.

9. Cascais Vila Natal

  • Location
    Parque Marechal Carmonal
  • Date
    30 Nov – 2 Jan
  • Opening Time
    Different Times

Take the kids to Cascais Christmas Village to see a Roman soldier, live reindeer, and elves. Enjoy sledding down a hill, ice skating, or visiting the Enchanted Forest.

Explore the mini Ferris wheel, ride the Christmas train, or hop into a life-sized snow globe. Here, the Christmas magic occurs, and the little ones can write a letter to Santa.

Entry for adults is €12, skating costs an extra €5 for 20 minutes, while sledding is €3 for two trips down the hill.


  • 11 am – 8 pm – November 30 + December 5 – 7 + 12 – 15
  • 11 am – 9:30 pm – December 1 – 3, 8 – 10, 16 – 23, 26 – 30 + January 2
  • 11 am – 5 pm – December 24 + 31
  • 3 pm – 8 pm – December 25 + January 1
  • Closed December 4 + 11

10. Natal no Palácio Encantado Market

  • Location
    Oeiras Palácio Marquês de Pombal
  • Date
    8 – 10 Dec
  • Opening Time
    Different Times

Get free entry to Natal no Palácio Encantado for delightful holiday celebrations. Every year, the theme changes, and you find the Marquês de Pombal palace decorated.

Beautiful Christmas decorations and enchanting lights brighten up the place. There is an ice rink for the kids with a snow cannon, inflatables, and rides. You can also find fun holiday gifts to take home from the handicrafts market.

11. Porto Christmas Market 

  • Location
    Porto Crystal Palace
  • Date
    1 – 24 Dec
  • Opening Time
    Different Times

Start the happy holiday season at the Port Christmas Market in the Mercado de Natal—Jardins do Palácio de Cristal garden. Enjoy live music concerts with the family.

Explore the holiday culture while kids see friendly clowns and magicians and do arts and crafts. Here, you can have holiday fun with food and drinks, including sweets, street food, and mulled wine.

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Wrap-Up: Christmas Markets in Lisbon

Exploring the Christmas markets in Lisbon is a delightful experience. The festive atmosphere, unique goods, and delicious local treats make it a memorable holiday adventure.

I highly recommend visiting these markets to anyone looking to immerse themselves in the magic of the season while discovering Lisbon’s rich cultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy local products, taste local cuisine, and invest in something different, like Bacalhau (salty smoked fish), a specialty. Also, try the Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese national sweet treat.

Yes, Lisbon is a fantastic Christmas destination. The city is beautifully decorated with festive lights and decorations, and there are Christmas markets, concerts, and other seasonal events to enjoy. The mild winter weather makes it a pleasant place to visit during the holiday season.

Many restaurants open on Christmas day, from Baixa, Bairro Alto to Principe Real, to enjoy a meal. But most other shops are closed on this day.

I would recommend visiting Lisbon in December. The weather is mild, and the city is beautifully decorated for the holiday season. Plus, you can experience fewer crowds compared to the peak tourist season.

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