Costa da Caparica

Traveling from Lisbon to Costa da Caparica provides a lively seaside town south of Lisbon across the Tagus River.

It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, beachfront restaurants, cafes, amazing views, and summer party atmosphere. It’s a popular relaxing spot to soak up the sun and views.

When my girlfriend and I visited Lisbon on a 4-day trip in summer, we headed to this beautiful place. But how do you reach the beach in Costa de Caparica, which sits on the outskirts of Lisbon?

Lisbon to Costa da Caparica: How To Get There

There are several routes from Lisbon to Costa da Caparica, offering flexibility depending on your starting point in Lisbon and your preferred mode of transportation.

Here are a couple of common routes.

Lisbon to Costa da Caparica: By Car

Via 25 de Abril Bridge

  • Take the A2 highway southbound from Lisbon.
  • Cross the iconic 25 de Abril Bridge.
  • Follow signs for Costa da Caparica.
  • The journey takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Via IC20

  • Take the IC20 from Lisbon toward the south.
  • Merge onto the A2 highway.
  • Cross the 25 de Abril Bridge and follow signs for Costa da Caparica.

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Lisbon to Costa da Caparica: By Public Transport


Several buses operate between Lisbon and Costa da Caparica. You can take buses from various points in Lisbon, such as Praca de Espanha or Praça do Areeiro. But more on this a bit later. 

Lisbon to Costa da Caparica: Ferry and Bus

  • Take a ferry from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas.
  • From Cacilhas, take a bus to Costa da Caparica.
  • This option provides a scenic journey across the Tagus River.

Lisbon to Costa da Caparica: By Uber

Uber is readily available in Lisbon. Input Costa da Caparica as your destination; the driver will take the most efficient route based on current traffic conditions.

Pro Tip: I recommend starting early in the morning, or you might get stuck in traffic at the 25 de Abril bridge. Then, work your way back to Lisbon by 16:00 to avoid traffic jams in the afternoon. 

Let’s look at traveling to Costa da Caparica in more detail. 

Traveling By Boat or Bus Service


You can start your adventure with a delightful boat ride, offering breathtaking views of the Tagus River. You can head to the iconic Cais do Sodré, where you’ll find the departure point for the boat to Trafaria.

The scenic journey sets the tone for the coastal beauty awaiting you at Costa Caparica. The boat ride provides a unique perspective of Lisbon’s waterfront and a refreshing start to your seaside escapade.

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Traveling From Cais do Sodré

Traveling from Cais do Sodré to Costa Caparica can be an exciting journey, offering options by both boat and bus.

By Boat

You can embark on a scenic boat ride from Cais do Sodré across the Tagus River to reach Trafaria, a small port town that takes about 10 minutes. Here you can see a timetable for departure times.

From Trafaria, a short bus ride or a pleasant walk will take you to Costa da Caparica. The boat journey provides a unique perspective of Lisbon’s waterfront and skyline, offering picturesque views.

By Bus

Alternatively, you can opt for a more straightforward bus journey. From Cais do Sodré, head to a bus terminal and take the bus heading towards Costa da Caparica. The bus ride allows you to relax and enjoy the landscapes.

The journey is convenient and takes you directly to your destination without transferring. Both options offer their charm, allowing you to tailor your travel experience based on your preferences for scenery, convenience, and mode of transportation.

Whether you choose the leisurely boat ride or the efficient bus journey, you’re in for a delightful adventure from Cais do Sodré to the beautiful shores of Costa da Caparica.

Pro Tip: I recommend you travel by boat with a short walk or bus to the fishing village and then return by bus to Lisbon. Doing this will offer you different scenery while traveling.

From Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica

Alternatively, you can travel from Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica by ferry and bus.

Ferry Station and Bus:


You can start your journey by ferrying from Cacilhas to Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. The ferry ride provides scenic views of the Tagus River and the Lisbon waterfront.

Once you arrive at Cais do Sodré, you can take a bus heading towards Costa da Caparica. The bus ride will take you across the 25 de Abril Bridge and to your destination.

The journey offers a mix of urban and coastal landscapes. The combination of ferry and bus allows you to enjoy water and land travel, providing a diverse and exciting experience.

It’s advisable to check the current ferry and bus schedules to plan your journey effectively. Or you can take the route 3011 bus that connects Cacilhas with Costa Caparica.

Traveling From Belém


While exploring the historic district of Belém? Extend your adventure by taking a bus directly to Costa da Caparica.

The route combines cultural exploration with seaside leisure, creating a well-rounded experience for you eager to soak in the rich heritage of Lisbon before reaching the coastal haven.

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Option 1: By Public Transportation

  1. Tram or Bus to Cais do Sodré: From Belém, take tram 15E or a bus to Cais do Sodré. Tram 15E provides a scenic route along the riverside. You will love it.
  2. Ferry to Cacilhas: From Cais do Sodré, ferry across the Tagus River to Cacilhas. The ferry ride offers beautiful views of Lisbon.
  3. Bus to Costa da Caparica: In Cacilhas, you can catch a bus that goes to Costa da Caparica. Check the specific bus routes and schedules, as they may be subject to change.

Option 2: By Car or Uber

If you prefer a more direct and flexible option, consider taking Uber from Belém to Costa Caparica. It will offer you convenience and a quicker journey, especially if you have specific time constraints.

Both options offer unique experiences, with public transportation providing a scenic route and the car or Uber option offering more flexibility and convenience. Or if you can rent a car, you can follow the following route:

Get on the 25 de Abril Bridge

  • Head south from Lisbon and follow signs to the 25 de Abril Bridge.
  • Cross the bridge, enjoying the scenic views of the Tagus River.

Follow A2 to IC20

  • After crossing the bridge, continue on the A2 highway toward Setúbal.
  • Take the exit onto IC20 toward Caparica/Almada.

Continue to Costa Caparica

  • Follow IC20 until you reach the exit for Costa da Caparica.
  • Take the exit and follow the signs toward Costa da Caparica.

Arrive at Costa da Caparic

The road will lead you to the coastal area of Costa da Caparica.

The journey is approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Traveling By Train


If you fancy the rhythmic clickety-clack of train tracks, opt for a train journey to Almada. From there, a swift bus ride takes you to Costa da Caparica.

The efficiency of the train system ensures a timely and comfortable commute, allowing you to maximize your beach time upon arrival.

To travel by train to Almada and then take a bus to Costa Caparica, you can follow these steps:

Train to Almada

  1. Start at a Lisbon Railway Station: Depending on your location in Lisbon, head to a train station such as Cais do Sodré or another station served by the Fertagus train line.
  2. Take the Fertagus Train to Pragal: Fertagus is a commuter train line that connects Lisbon to Setúbal, passing through Almada. Board a Fertagus train heading to Pragal, a station in Almada.

Bus to Costa da Caparica

  1. From Pragal Train Station to Almada: Upon arriving at Pragal, you can take a local bus or walk to Almada city center.
  2. From Almada to Costa Caparica: In Almada, head to the bus station or bus stops to catch a bus to Costa da Caparica. Buses such as TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo) operate routes between Almada and Costa da Caparica.
  3. Arrive at Costa da Caparica: Take the bus to Costa da Caparica, which will bring you to your destination.

By Bus

For those who appreciate the simplicity of bus travel, direct bus routes from Lisbon to Costa Caparica are made available by Carris Metropolitana.

Carris Metropolitana has various departure points, including the central Cais do Sodré, providing flexibility and convenience for travelers with different preferences.

Still, the number 3710 service is the main route that connects Lisbon to Costa da Caparica.

The Carris Metropolitana operates and departs at Areeiro in Lisbon to reach the bus station in Costa da Caparica. Check out the Carris Metropolitana routes here.

What Makes Costa da Caparica a Must Visit?

Costa da Caparica, located along the stunning coastline of Portugal, is a must-visit destination for several compelling reasons.

Its pristine beaches stretch for miles, offering golden sands and crystal-clear waters, making it a paradise for beach enthusiasts.

The area boasts a unique blend of natural beauty and vibrant culture, with lively beach bars, seafood restaurants, and surf schools contributing to its festive atmosphere.

One highlight I found was the breathtaking sunset on Fonte da Telha beach. At Fonte Da Telha, you can enjoy the sun, sand, and water.


When you visit Fonte da Telha, you can enjoy surfing and water sports. But that is not all the beach offers. Fonte da Telha provides natural beauty as well. Still, there are many other beautiful beaches to explore.

The town also provides a glimpse into Portugal’s rich maritime history, with old fishing traditions still evident in the charming fishing village.

Beyond the beaches, you can explore the lush landscapes of the nearby Arrábida Natural Park or indulge in the historic charm of Lisbon, which is easily accessible from Costa da Caparica.

With its diverse offerings, this coastal gem promises an unforgettable experience for you seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.

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Wrap-Up: Lisbon to Costa da Caparica

Getting between Lisbon and the heavenly beaches of Costa da Caparica is simple without a car if you pick from the ferry, train, and bus routes.

Boats provide pretty and quick travel, while buses and trains allow step-free trips from downtown.

With regular service throughout the day from various neighborhoods, you can easily base yourself in the capital and enjoy this coastal paradise on sunny days.

While there, I wondered, is there anything you can do for free in this city? The answer is yes. Check out these 8 free museums to visit while here on holiday. 

Happy travels, and keep me updated on how it went.

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