Summer in Lisbon

In summer in Lisbon, you get more than the average temperature. While great, it can also become a pain in the butt. 

Yes, you see beauty and excitement everywhere, but it does not come without challenges.

It is the hottest month, and the intense heat leaves you feeling drained, with symptoms ranging from fatigue and headaches to restless nights and a constant glistening of sweat on your brow.

Indeed, navigating the summer season in Lisbon can feel like a true test of endurance. Are you feeling apprehensive about facing the Lisbon sun?

Fear not! Here, I will uncover practical strategies and insider tips to help transform your summer experience from a daunting ordeal in the Lisbon summer months into a delightful adventure.

Summer in Lisbon – At What Point Should You Prepare

Praia da Gamboa e de Pineche

Visiting Lisbon in summer can be a fun time, especially around May to June, when you can see beautiful beaches like Guincho Beach with average daytime temperatures.

One thing is for sure is that Lisbon has some fantastic beaches to visit. But in Lisbon, summer typically reaches its high-temperature point between July and August.

During these peak summer months, the city experiences its hottest temperatures, often exceeding 30°C (86°F) and occasionally even reaching into the mid-30s°C (mid-90s°F). So, depending on when you visit, you can expect mild temperatures.

The combination of high temperatures and the city’s location along the Atlantic coast can contribute to a warm and sometimes humid climate.

While June can also be warm and signals the onset of summer, it’s generally July and August when the heat becomes most intense. Hence you can expect pleasant weather. 

These months attract many tourists seeking the sun and vibrant atmosphere, but they also require visitors and locals alike to take precautions against the heat.

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Summer in Lisbon – Warmth Meets Enchanting Beauty

Cascais Marina

Lisbon carries a distinctive humidity, not reaching the levels of tropical destinations like Thailand, yet noticeable in the atmosphere, especially in the bustling city center during sweltering days.

While some accommodations might offer the relief of air conditioning, it’s not always a guaranteed amenity. If planning a brief stay in Lisbon, you should ask your host about such conveniences beforehand.

Hot Tip🔥: If you plan to visit Lisbon in summer, it is a perfect time to explore Portuguese history and enjoy beach time. Make sure you book the best hotels with air conditioning at affordable prices.

If you reside in Lisbon for a while, self-sufficiency becomes critical. Investing in a few fans can significantly impact the hot weather. The summer months can escalate apartment temperature and humidity levels to quite uncomfortable degrees.

With the Summer Comes Vibrant Scenes

Yet, the Lisbon summer experience is a tapestry of vibrant scenes and sensory delights.

Parks and green squares like the botanical gardens come alive with people seeking leisure and connection. The strumming of guitars resonates in the air. 

Along the banks of the Tagus River, locals and visitors bask in the sun, engaging in conversations and reading.

The city’s culinary scene also adapts to the season, with bars and restaurants extending their seating outdoors, offering everyone the crisp refreshment of Vino Verde.

As palm trees gracefully sway in the warm breeze against a backdrop of sky-blue skies, Lisbon paints a picturesque summer tableau.

Despite quieter daytime moments in some areas, the sight of laundry adorning windowsills, vibrant azulejos gracing facades, and elders seeking respite in shaded corners contribute to Lisbon’s quintessentially Portuguese charm.

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Summer in Lisbon – To Go or Not to Go?

The decision isn’t straightforward. Given the option, I’d likely defer my Lisbon adventure to the milder spring or autumn seasons.

While I appreciate warm temperatures, navigating scorching narrow streets gives me pause even while there are many outdoor activities and food stalls.

Instead, I’d lean towards day trips to the outskirts of Lisbon or perhaps venture south to the inviting shores of the Algarve, known for its pristine beaches and refreshing oceanic embrace.

Yet, Lisbon offers sandy retreats and waterfront spots where one can sunbathe and dip in the refreshing waters. The caveat? These locales often teem with fellow sun-seekers, making solitude a rare commodity during the hot weather.

If summer plans bring you to Lisbon, perhaps consider reserving the iconic sightseeing for cooler hours.

Exploring the city during the tranquil evenings or the gentler late afternoons can offer a more comfortable and enjoyable experience amidst the summer heat.

Still, summer in Lisbon is a vibrant tapestry of entertainment, from music festivals, cultural activities, and captivating rooftop venues to spontaneous street performances.

Notably, the renowned Santos festival heralds the onset of the summer season in June with its infectious energy and festivities.

Embracing the summer months in Lisbon means immersing yourself in a rich array of experiences and savoring this dynamic city’s unique delights.

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Cooling the Heat: Your Guide to Beating Summer in Lisbon

Navigating the vibrant streets of Lisbon during the summer months offers a captivating blend of cultural richness and sun-drenched allure.

Nonetheless, the intense heat requires savvy strategies for an enjoyable experience, depending on whether you visit in the middle season or the summer heat. Remember, summer in Lisbon is a busy holiday season and the hottest season.

Here are some essential insights to help you beat the heat and make the most of your summer escapade in Lisbon.

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Stay Well-Hydrated

Hydrated in Lisbon Summers

Water is your ally during the scorching Lisbon summer. With increased perspiration, replenishing fluids is essential for maintaining energy levels while exploring the city. If plain water doesn’t entice you, consider adding a lemon splash or Tetley tea with a refreshing mojito flavor for cold water for a beach day.

Time Your Explorations

Lisbon’s sun can be intense. Minimize exposure by planning outdoor activities after 3 pm. Utilize the earlier part of the day to relax in a shaded café or indoor attraction.

Dress Smartly


Contrary to popular belief, dark clothing can be more comfortable than white attire on hot days. Dark colors absorb rather than reflect the sunlight, offering a shield against the heat. Additionally, donning a hat can protect against the intense sun and help prevent heatstroke.

Prioritize Sun Protection


Defend your skin against Lisbon’s potent sun rays with high SPF sunscreen. Opt for broad-spectrum protection with SPF 30-50 to protect your skin from burns while enjoying the sun-kissed glow.

Embrace Baby Powder

Summer Lisbon Baby Powder Hack

Adopt a hack by using baby powder as a natural antiperspirant. Apply it to areas prone to sweating, such as underarms, hands, and face, to keep your skin dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Opt for Fans Over Air Conditioning

While air conditioning offers instant relief, prolonged use can dry out your nasal passages and throat. A portable fan provides a more sustainable and healthier cooling option, allowing you to direct the airflow where you need it most.

Refresh with Chilled Essentials

Wet Towel Lisbon Summers

Channel a  cooling technique by chilling a damp towel or even your bedsheet. Store them in the fridge or freezer for an hour and relish the rejuvenating sensation as they offer instant relief against the heat.

Utilize an Umbrella for Shade

Incorporate a chic sun umbrella into your summer ensemble. While often associated with rain, many cultures use umbrellas as a sun-shielding accessory. Embrace this practice to create your oasis of shade during daytime excursions.

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Wrap-Up: Embrace and Prepare for Lisbon’s Summer

While Lisbon’s summer offers many attractions and experiences, preparation is vital to enjoying them fully.

By adopting these cooling strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to savor all this captivating city offers.

It will ensure a memorable and comfortable stay in Portugal’s enchanting capital.

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