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The Vegan lifestyle is nothing new in Lisbon. While living here, I was met with open arms to find a place to stay, shop, and eat.

So, if you are visiting this sunny city, follow my vegan guide to Lisbon to ensure you join in the variety of flavors and servings presented at the local stores.

You can easily find something to treat yourself while visiting, from organic products to local produce.

Veganism in Lisbon, Portugal

Colorful fruit and vegetables on a market stall. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

While living in Lisbon, I learned that shopping and eating vegan is not difficult.

You can find vegan restaurants where you can enjoy your vegan food, snack bars, and supermarkets to ensure you get your vegan cheese.

Many vegetarian restaurants, traditional Portuguese bakeries, and brunch spots have a vegan menu.

This heavy-meat-eating city has dramatically changed since Portugal made history in 2027 by passing a law requiring all government facilities to include a vegan option.

So whether you want vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options, you will find it in Lisbon.

Useful Portuguese Phrases and Words

As a vegan traveler in Lisbon, I recommend learning some useful Portuguese words and phrases. The language is beautiful, and the locals will be delighted when you know the basics.

  • Thank You – Obrigado/a
  • Hi – Oi
  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Night – Bom dia/Boa tarde/Boa noite
  • I am Vegan – Eu sou vegano/a
  • Please remove cheese, butter, egg, meat, may – Por favor, retire queijo, manteiga, ovo, carne, maionese 
  • I do not eat meat fish, seafood, chicken, milk, dairy, egg – Eu não como carne, peixe, marisco, frango, leite, laticínio, ovo
  • Do you have any vegan options? – Tem opções veganas?
  • Do you have any plant based milk? (soy, oat, coconut, almond) – Tem leite vegetal (soja, trigo, coco, amêndoa) ? 
  • Bye – Tchau

Eating Out in Lisbon

Eating out in Lisbon is not a problem; you can enjoy your favorite treats. For more information on where you can enjoy delicious food, check out my dedicated guides here:

The guides have great places to enjoy Italian food, takeaway options, and Portuguese cuisine. But there are some worthy options to mention here as well. But before we look at the worthy options, here are some must-try vegan dishes in Lisbon:

  • Vegan Pastel de Nata: A vegan version of the traditional Portuguese custard tart.
  • Tofu à Brás: A vegan twist on the classic Bacalhau à Brás, made with shredded tofu.
  • Vegan Feijoada: A hearty stew made with beans and vegetables.
  • Petiscos (Vegan Tapas) are various small dishes such as marinated olives, grilled vegetables, and plant-based spreads.

UAO – Healthy Italian Gelato

  • Address
    R. Dom Pedro V 145
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM

The vegan spot is excellent for those scorching days in Lisbon; head to UAO for a cold scoop of gelato. Enjoy the best vegan ice cream and find sugar-free and gluten-free options here. So choose one of the tons of options available.

Fragoleto Ice Cream

  • Address
    R. do Comércio 15
  • Opening Time
    11:00 AM

While Fragoleto Ice Cream is not 100% vegan, you can still find some delicious creamy options.

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Vegan Nata

  • Address
    R. da Misericórdia 9
  • Opening Time
    9:00 AM

No one has said you cannot enjoy the famous pastel de nata, the national Portuguese treasure. Vegan Nata is a great spot to enjoy a veganized version of the custard tart, and you must try it while here.

Hot Top🔥: Check out these other spots to enjoy a vegan nata in Lisbon.

Despensa N.6

  • Address
    Av. Sacadura Cabral 6A
  • Opening Time
    8:30 AM

Despensa N.6 is a great place to enjoy vegan delicacies if you are vegan celiac.

They have you covered, serving a 100% gluten-free, organic, sugar-free, and lactose-free menu.

You can choose from vegan dishes, including salad bowls, smoothie bowls, feijoada, and desserts. The milkshake and lattes are made with almond milk.

Vegan Supermarkets Lisbon

Several supermarkets and shops in Lisbon stock vegan products, and you will be overwhelmed by the choices. Here are some great options.

Green Beans

  • Address
    R. do Poço dos Negros 15
  • Opening Time
    11:00 AM

The majority of vegan junkies head to Green Beans, an espresso bar in Chiado. It will surprise you as they have many products and healthy food.

Here, you can find that green jackfruit you might be looking for. Green Beans even sells footwear and organic clothing. Furthermore, they sell Beyond Meat products, from cheese to vegan ice cream.

To take a break while shopping, have some vegan biscuits and tea or coffee at the cafe inside. You will enjoy a cozy service.

Here are the best things to do in Lisbon In June 2024

I’ll send you a list of the best things to do in May and every month moving forward from today.

It’ll be based on my personal experience of living and traveling around Lisbon. A lot of hidden gems.

Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy


  • Address
    R. Latino Coelho 89A
  • Opening Time
    9:00 AM

Miosotis sells fresh produce, which is not exclusively vegan but organic. It is located in a central location between downtown and uptown Saldanha.

The service is excellent, and you are surrounded by people who care for the planet. There is also a bicycle park.

Martim Moniz Oriental Market

  • Address
    Praça Martim Moniz
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM

At Martim Moniz Market, you can find everything you need. Once you walk inside, you think it is a convenience store, but it is a portal to another universe, and that is flavor.

Here, you can find a variety of tofu, oriental products, peanut butter, tahini, and more. When you head upstairs, a food court will delight you with incredible vegan Asian food.

El Corte Ingles

  • Address
    Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 31
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM

The fantastic Spanish chain has a bio section that comes highly recommended. Here, you find a variety of vegan produce that is more than what you see at Portuguese supermarkets. While not the cheapest place, you always find some rare products to experiment with.

Nae Vegan Shoes

  • Address
    Two Stores
  • Opening Time
    11:00 AM

El Corte Ingles has two locations for chic heels or hip sneakers. The vegan shoe shop also stocks men’s and women’s accessories like handbags, wallets, and more that are vegan-friendly.

Go Natural

  • Address
    Several Districts
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM

Go Natural is a health food store that sells everything you will need. There is also a small cafe where you can enjoy some tasty treats. You can stock up on veggies, oat milk, vegan cheese, and nuts.


  • Address
    Several Locations
  • Opening Time
    10:00 AM

If you run out of cosmetics, head to Sephora. Whether shopping online or in-store, the stores have plenty to choose from.

Here, you can find a wide selection of vegan cosmetics that have not been tested on animals or contain animal products. Even the packaging is recyclable.


  • Address
    Several Locations
  • Opening Time
    8:00 AM

The health food store not only stocks healthy food but also has a selection of beauty products available. Here, you can choose delicious fresh food while stocking up on unique beauty brands.

Lisbon Vegan Hotels

Lisbon has tons of vegan options available to stay that include:

Friendly Hills Hostel

  • Address
    R. da Barroca 4
  • Price Per Night
    $39 – $70

The beautiful hostel you find on a cobblestone street in Bairro Alto. Here you can get a private room with a balcony for city views.

You get vegan pancakes for breakfast included. The building inside is charming, and the rooms have a minimalist design.

The bathroom has everything you need; you can access the kitchen with a fridge and more.

At night it can get a bit loud with the nightlife.

LX Boutique Hotel

  • Address
    R. do Alecrim 12
  • Price Per Night

LX Boutique is a charming hotel in a perfect location opposite the river. The pastel blue building stands out from the famous pink street.

You are close to everything and can enjoy a delicious 😋 vegan breakfast. Tell the hotel in advance what you would like to eat.

So, you can expect breakfast spreads, vegan cheese, yogurts, milk, and more.

Selina Secret Garden & Cowork

  • Address
    Beco Carrasco nº1
  • Price Per Night

Here is a hip spot hotel connected to a vegan restaurant.

You can wake up with homemade granola, coconut yogurt, scrambled tofu, pancakes, and more. They have amazing food.

Another important note is that this hotel offers hostel share and private rooms. So double-check when you choose a room.

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado

  • Address
    Praça do Município n.º 21
  • Price Per Night

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado is a Portuguese-owned hotel that loves culture, environment, and community.

Here, you get renewable energy to help reduce water use, and they do not use plastic.

It is in the city center near major attractions. Please get in touch with the hotel in advance if you want vegan breakfast options. They ensure you have tasty food.

Wrap-Up: Vegan Guide to Lisbon

I hope I have eased your mind about whether there are any excellent vegan hotels, restaurants, or shops to explore in Lisbon.

You have so many choices regarding vegan food, and the assortment of food available at the restaurants is tremendous.

You can enjoy amazing food at some of the best vegan spots in Lisbon, most of which are affordable.

So, you are spoilt for choices and will not go hungry. You can even find gluten-free restaurants where you can enjoy a meal.

Still, there is more to Lisbon to explore, as many of these vegan spots are in awesome locations to explore the nearby attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lisbon has a growing vegan scene with numerous dedicated vegan restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. You’ll find various options, from traditional Portuguese cuisine with a vegan twist to international dishes.

Absolutely. Many non-vegan restaurants in Lisbon offer vegan options or are willing to accommodate vegan requests. Informing the staff about your dietary preferences is always a good idea, and they will often suggest modifications or custom dishes.

While Lisbon doesn’t have many exclusively vegan hotels, many hotels and guesthouses are vegan-friendly and will accommodate your dietary needs.

Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport has a variety of dining options, and many of them offer vegan choices. Look for international chains and health-focused cafes that typically provide plant-based meals.

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