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Did you know you can do a free Lisbon walking tour of Alfama? Nestled in the heart of Lisbon, this historical center beckons with its winding alleys, ancient landmarks, and timeless charm to explore as a self-guided tour. 

Embarking on a walking tour of Alfama is akin to stepping back in time, as each cobblestone pathway reveals tales of bygone eras and cultural richness.

From the majestic São Jorge Castle to the soulful strains of the history of Fado echoing through quaint taverns, this immersive experience promises a deep dive into the soul of Lisbon.

The best part is you can book yourself at one of the best hotels in Alfama to start your Lisbon self-guided tour here.

Your Self-Guided Lisbon Walking Tour Through Alfama

Visit Sé de Lisboa

Before you start and might need more help with your Alfama walking tour, you can always book a free guided tour, available here. 

Alternatively, starting at the bustling Praça Luís de Camões in the Chiado district sets the stage for a memorable self-guided walking tour through Alfama’s enchanting old town.

You can feel free to tailor your journey by joining at a point that aligns with your accommodation or personal preference.

For those kicking off in Chiado, indulge in a delightful breakfast, brunch, or a leisurely drink at the iconic A Brasileira do Chiado café on Rua Garrett, conveniently near the Baixa-Chiado Metro station.

Check out my comprehensive guide for more insights into Lisbon’s wonders.

Having traversed the entire route myself, my phone logged a distance of 8.4 miles.

Fear not; tram options are available along the way, offering a convenient alternative for those who prefer to cover shorter distances on foot.

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A Lisbon Walking Tour Through Time and Tradition

Flexibility is critical when navigating the historic streets of Alfama in Lisbon. I’ve curated three self-guided tour options, each offering a unique blend of exploration and convenience based on your preferred mileage and mode of transport.

Option 1: Ideal for those seeking a leisurely pace, this route minimizes steep climbs and incorporates a memorable journey aboard the iconic Tram 28. Board the tram at Baixa and proceed to Stop 4 to commence your walking tour.

Option 3: For a more extensive exploration, this route encompasses a longer walking distance while still utilizing Tram 28 for the uphill ascent. Board the tram at Largo Martim Moniz, as indicated in Stop 3, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Alfama.

Option 4: Embrace a fully immersive experience by opting for a walking-only tour. Though you’ll forgo the tram ride, this route thoroughly explores Alfama’s landmarks. Begin at Stop 1 and continue your journey on foot, capturing the essence of the district at your own pace.

Whichever path you choose, rest assured that you can revisit any missed attractions at your convenience. For added convenience, consider purchasing a Lisbon Travel Card, which offers access to select attractions and simplifies your travel experience in this captivating city.

Kickstarting Your Lisbon Walking Tour Alfama


Stop 1: La Brasileira in Chiado Lisbon Walking Tour

Start your journey with a visit to the iconic Brasileira statue and a delightful carb-loaded treat at Café A Brasileira. Take a stroll eastward along the fashionable Rue Garrett.

Marvel at the ever-changing overhead decorations that capture the essence of various seasons and festive occasions. As you meander along this bustling street, you’ll encounter an eclectic mix of bars, quaint cafés, artisanal ice cream parlors, art boutiques, and stylish clothing stores.

The culinary offerings are equally enticing, with many restaurants to choose from. Come evening, the cafés transform into lively street bars, offering a vibrant nightlife experience.

Upon reaching the end of Rue Garrett, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Hotel Chiado. Ascend to its impressive rooftop bar, where panoramic views of the Castle and Alfama await, providing a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and reflection.

Stop 2: Lisbon Walking Tour Alfama Elevador de Santa Justa 


Constructed in 1902, this ornate iron marvel bridges Lisbon’s lower and upper districts.

Opt for a ride up the elevator, priced at €5.30, unless you possess a 24-hour Lisbon transport ticket, which covers your Tram 28 journey and costs approximately €6.50 when purchased at Metro stations.

This versatile ticket also grants access to the city’s three iconic funiculars: Gloria, Bica, and Lavra. Consider the multi-day or monthly ticket options for extended stays to suit your Lisbon exploration.

Hot Tip🔥: Take a detour to the Carmo Convent for a  museum visit at the elevator’s summit. While not featured in this specific tour due to its extensive exhibits, it’s a noteworthy museum visit and attraction worth exploring for a deeper dive into Lisbon’s rich history.

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Stop 3: Igreja de São Domingos – A Testament to Lisbon’s Spiritual and Architectural Heritage


Navigate through the expansive square of Praça Dom Pedro, where the echoes of ongoing construction hint at the city’s continuous evolution.

As you traverse past the majestic National Theatre D. Maria II, pause momentarily to marvel at the intricate Gothic façade of the Church of São Domingos.

The captivating landmark is a mere preview of the architectural treasures awaiting discovery throughout your Lisbon Walking Tour.

For those following Option 3 of this itinerary, make your way to Martim Moniz and board Tram 28, ensuring you select the one traveling eastward to continue your immersive journey through Lisbon’s enchanting streetscapes.

Stop 4: Wallking Tour Alfama Largo da Graça / Miradouro da Graça 

For Tram Enthusiasts: Upon navigating the tram’s ascent through Alfama’s charming labyrinth of narrow streets, disembark at Largo da Graça.

From there, veer north and turn left behind the barracks onto Rua Damasceno Monteiro, seamlessly transitioning to Stop 5 of your journey.

For Pedestrians: Continue your eastward trajectory until you encounter Rua dos Lagares. Embrace the ascent up Alfama’s iconic steep steps and meandering backstreets, where vibrant street art adorns the walls, narrating tales of local lore and creativity.

Upon reaching the summit, pause and revel in the panoramic vistas from Miradouro da Graça. This scenic overlook offers a visual feast of Lisbon’s sprawling landscape and essential amenities, including public restrooms and a refreshment van for your convenience.

As you traverse this enchanting neighborhood, solitary lemon trees bearing seasonal fruit punctuate the cobbled squares, juxtaposed against the backdrop of time-worn apartment facades.

Cafés resonate with the melodic cadence of Portuguese conversations as patrons engage in lively banter over aromatic coffees. The architectural patina reveals signs of age—crumbling facades, weathered stucco, and breathtaking ‘Azulejo’ (Tile-Covered) wall.

Each serendipitous glimpse between buildings unveils a tableau of terracotta rooftops glistening in the sunlight, guiding the eye towards the majestic river as it meanders towards the Atlantic horizon.

Stop 5: Alfama Free Self-Guided Tour Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

Jardim da Esterela

Retrace your steps momentarily before veering into the Jardim de Cerca da Graça, a verdant oasis offering panoramic vistas and a quaint café.

As you navigate Rua Damasceno Monteiro, pause to admire the captivating street art adorning the building façade at Mario Belem, a testament to Lisbon’s vibrant urban art scene.

Don’t miss the intricate tiling adorning the wall opposite, a nod to the city’s rich artistic heritage and penchant for ornate details.

Once you’ve savored these artistic treasures and doing the walking tour in Alfama, venture to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, a serene vantage point offering a more secluded atmosphere than its bustling counterparts.

As you ascend to this elevated perch, the city’s dynamic landscape unfolds before you, revealing a captivating tapestry of architectural wonders, verdant landscapes, and the shimmering Tagus River stretching toward the horizon.

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Stop 6: Palácio de São Vicente & Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora 

Descend the slope and navigate eastward, then veer south onto Rua de Voz do Operário. Here, you’ll encounter a hidden gem: a walled garden adorned with intricate carvings that beckon exploration.

As you venture inside, the meticulously crafted details and serene ambiance offer a tranquil escape, with complimentary admission inviting you to linger and appreciate the artistry.

Adjacent to this enclave, a captivating archway graces the roadside, presenting an ideal backdrop for those seeking to capture memorable Instagram-worthy moments.

Continue your journey to the neighboring grandeur of the Church of São Vicente de Fora. This architectural marvel boasts a rich collection of art and serves as the final resting place for the Braganza monarchs of Portugal. 

Stop 7: Panteão Nacional – A Tribute to National Heroes


Descend further down the hill and go east to the Panteão Nacional. This 17th-century baroque mausoleum houses the tombs of Portugal’s national heroes, offering a solemn yet majestic tribute to the nation’s illustrious figures. Alternatively, if the allure of the nearby archway tempts you, you may explore Stop eight before delving into this revered monument.

Stop 8: Walking Tour Alfama Feira da Ladra 

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Feira da Ladra, Lisbon’s famed Thieves Market, brimming with contemporary crafts, delectable food stalls, and an array of eclectic offerings. Enjoy a gastronomic experience to give you the energy needed to continue. 

Hot Tip🔥: The operating days are on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and consider exploring the nearby tranquil park, offering a serene respite amidst your journey.

Stop 9: Largo de Rodrigues de Freitas – A Culinary and Photographic Delight

As you retrace our steps, Largo de Rodrigues de Freitas beckons with its charming cafes and scenic vistas, perfect for indulging in a leisurely lunch and capturing memorable Instagram shots against iconic trams and panoramic views.

Stop 10: Castelo de São Jorge – A Panoramic Perspective

Sao Jorge Castle Lisbon

While you circle the castle walls, its viewpoint offers a sweeping panorama of Lisbon. Though the castle’s interior warrants a separate visit, today’s itinerary continues along Costa do Castelo, leading to another captivating viewpoint and the subsequent churches on our journey.

Stop 11: Miradouro de Santa Luzia Viewpoint – An Oceanic Oasis

Experience the serene beauty of Miradouro de Santa Luzia, offering a unique vantage point to admire the Atlantic Ocean juxtaposed against the town’s rustic rooftops.

Stop 12: Igreja de Santo António – A Baroque Gem

Visit the Church of Saint Anthony, honoring the birthplace of the revered saint known for his miraculous abilities. Revel in the baroque splendor and historical significance of this sacred site.

Stop 13: Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha – An Ancient Marvel

Conclude your church explorations at the 16th-century Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha, a testament to Lisbon’s resilience and architectural prowess, offering intricate carvings and a glimpse into Portugal’s illustrious past.

Stop 14: Praça do Comércio – The Grand Finale

Conclude your Alfama adventure at Praça do Comércio, Europe’s largest public square, framed by majestic palaces and the shimmering river. Unwind with a refreshing cocktail, relishing the grandeur surrounding you, with convenient transport options nearby to conclude your journey.”

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Wrap-Up: Overview of Alfama Free Walking Tour

Venture on a captivating exploration of Lisbon with this meticulously curated walking tour. From the historic allure of Chiado’s Café A Brasileira to the panoramic vistas at Miradouro da Senhora de Monte and the cultural landmarks in between, this itinerary encapsulates the essence of Lisbon’s rich heritage and vibrant spirit.

Key Stops and Historic Attraction on The Alfama Walk:

  • Chiado: Café A Brasileira
  • Elevador de Santa Justa
  • Miradouro da Graça
  • Miradouro da Senhora do Monte
  • Palácio de São Vicente & Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora
  • Panteão Nacional
  • Feira da Ladra
  • Castelo de São Jorge
  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia
  • Igreja de Santo António
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha
  • Praça do Comércio

As you traverse this enchanting cityscape through narrow streets, each location offers a unique blend of rich history, culture, and scenic beauty. Each moment promises to be a cherished memory with your Alfama walk.

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