Best Beaches Near Sintra

I love visiting Costa da Caprica on vacation in Lisbon for surfing, relaxing, and the best restaurants.

Still, if you plan a day trip to Sintra, you can find some of the best beaches near Sintra to relax.

While there are no beaches in Sintra, you can head to any of the beaches on my list to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun. Sintra is in the Serra da Sintra Nature Park, which has a dramatic coastline.

Yet, note that the beaches found at the base of the rock formations have a strong sea 🌊 breeze with colossal waves.

Traveling to the south, the Portuguese Riviera offers beaches sheltered from the wind, while to the north, the waves are enormous, and you will need a car to get there.

The best beach within reach of Sintra: Praia das Maçãs

The best beach near Sintra for surfing: Praia Grande

The best beach near Sintra for families: Oeiras Beach

The best beach near Sintra for a beach holiday: Praia de Carcavelos

1. Praia das Maçãs Beach

  • Distance
    12 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Beach Near Sintra

Praia das Maçãs beach 🏖 is accessible within reach from Sintra. An electric tram runs between the Sintra Historical Center and the beautiful Praia das Maçãs sandy beach.

Praia das Maçãs beach fills the mouth of the valley and is glorious to travel to on a sunny day. The beach is large, and even during the height of summer, there is enough space to relax.

In summer, Praia das Maçãs is popular with families and tourists, but a note of warning is that there are strong waves and tidal currents. You find smaller streams to the southern side.

On the north side, you find the town of Praia das Maçãs, where you can visit the restaurants and cafes. So, if you are staying in Sintra, Praia das Maçãs is a fantastic beach.

Furthermore, you can also reach Praia das Maçãs by bus, leaving from the Sintra train station on the 441 route.

Hot Tip🔥: If you visit Praia das Maçãs, it is only a short walk to Praia Grande, or head north for a longer walk to the village Azenhas do Mar.

2. Praia Grande

  • Distance
    12 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Surfing Beach Near Sintra
Praia Grande Ubatuba

Praia Grande is a large beach found on the Serra da Sintra coastline. You can enjoy a long stretch of golden sand along the coastline.

It is a popular surfing 🏄 destination with great swells and massive cliffs. It is also a fantastic beach where you can enjoy relaxing days.

Still, it is a very lively beach that attracts younger crowds. Compared to Praia das Maçãs beach, which is suitable for families, Praia Grande is made for the young gathering.

You can also head south to follow the fossilized tracks of dinosaurs, which appear in depressions on the slate cliff face. Then, on the northern end of the sandy beach, you find the Arribas Sintra Hotel.

You can also find some beachfront cafes and restaurants, and the best way to reach the beach is by car or UBER.

3. Praia da Ursa

  • Distance
    16 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Remote Setting

Praia da Ursa is a beautiful beach with a remote setting with unique cliff formations.

Enjoy the secluded beach at the base of a cliff. You will reach  Praia da Ursa following dirt tracks and a footpath.

The Praia da Ursa has two huge rock formations on harder cliffs. The formation closest to the beach gives it an interesting name: Bear Beach (Praia da Ursa).

You will need to travel by car to reach Praia da Ursa, and it is best to combine your visit to Cabo de Roca Headland, where you find a scenic coastal path that connects them.

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4. Prais do Guincho Beach

  • Distance
    28 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Remote Surfing Beach

Another famous beach near Sintra is Praia do Guincho, but it is closer to the town of Cascais before Sintra’s cliffs start.

The beach has expanses of sand but is not suitable for swimming. It is Portugal’s original surfing beach, and it used to host the Windsurfing World Cup in the 1990s.

Today, Guincho Beach is a popular spot for kitesurfing with the onshore breezes. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery to enjoy cycling, day-tripping, or hiking.

Still, even for a beach day trip, it is not a relaxing beach, as there is always a wind blowing in from the Atlantic and little shelter.

When you have a calm summer’s day, it is the region’s finest beach but remains windy most of the time.

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5. Prais da Adraga Beach

  • Distance
    19 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Fantastic Beach Day Trip

One of the best beaches near Sintra is Praia da Adraga, which has natural scenery. But you will need a car to travel to Praia da Adraga.

The glorious beach fills a deep valley with towering cliffs providing shelter from the winds.

It is one of many amazing beaches and a favorite among the locals so that small car park at Praia da Adraga fills up fast.

Hot Tip🔥: To reach Praia da Adraga by car, check out some of these affordable car rentals in Lisbon.

6. Praia do Magoito

  • Distance
    10 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Beach Near Sintra For Shallow Waters

Once you reach this golden sand beach, stop at the dramatic cliffs surrounding the stretch of sand.

Then, look at the fossilized sand; even the seawater is noteworthy. Here, you find a high concentration of iodine, which is good for you.

Now sit in the shallows to enjoy your thalassotherapy. There is also a restaurant with ample parking, but it can get crowded during the summer.

If you prefer not to rent a car, you can take the Scotturb bus #444 from Portela da Sintra.

7. Praia da Samarra

  • Distance
    19 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Lesser-Known Beach

When you travel to the northern end of Sintra Cascais Natural Park, you will find a lesser-known beach, Praia da Samarra.

It makes for a great beach trip and is found in a narrow inlet leading to this small sandy beach with low cliffs.

You can find a footpath along the cliffs from Lomba dos Pianos down to the beach or drive the long way around.

Samarra Beach is not easy to reach, and it is best to travel by car. However, driving on an unpaved road would be best, and parking is close to the beach.

There are no cafes or facilities, and it is best to bring the essentials when visiting Samarra Beach.

8. Praia de Carcavelos

  • Distance
    24 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Great For a Beach Holiday

Praia de Carcavelos is a famous and largest beach on the Portuguese Riviera.

It is an excellent beach for swimming and relaxing on the golden sand with medium-sized waves. You can also enjoy some surfing.

You will find restaurants, beach bars, cafes, and a lively atmosphere with many activities here.

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9. Oeiras Beach

  • Distance
    20 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Popular Choice for Families

Oeiras Beach is a glorious beach with calm sea waters, excellent facilities, and a vast expanse of sand.

Santo Amaro is a sheltered beach popular with families visiting Lisbon with kids. However, the beach can fill up fast in the summer with the young crowd.

Hot Tip🔥: While Oeiras is one of the best beaches near Sintra, it is closer to Lisbon.

10. Praia da Duquesa Beach

  • Distance
    16 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Beach Activities

Praia da Duquesa Beach is one of many beautiful beaches near Sintra. It has golden sands, many beach activities, and calm sea waters.

You can enjoy beach sports, restaurants, sea inflatables, boat rides, and more here.

It is also a larger beach made for cocktail-drinking tourists, powerboats, children, and others. There are no currents or waves, and there are supervised lifeguards.

11. Praia de São Pedro do Estoril

  • Distance
    19 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Most Underrated Beach
Praia de São Pedro do Estoril

The most underrated beach 🏖 in the Portuguese Riviera is Praia de São Pedro do Estoril. Hence, it is an ideal relaxing beach day with no people around.

The quiet beach, with few people, makes for a peaceful beach day. Another highlight is that it is a sheltered beach from the wind.

12. Tamariz Beach

  • Distance
    15 km from Sintra
  • Why Visit
    Lesser Known Beach

The main beach of Estoril, a 17-minute walk from Cascais and close to Lisbon, is Tamariz Beach.

While not a famous beach like Praia Grande, it is less hectic and does not have abundant beach activities.

When you head to the east side of Tamariz Beach, you find a seawater-filled swimming pool, the Piscina Oce’nica do Tamariz.

It is a great place to take the kids as the water 💦 is warmer. Compared to other beaches around Cascais, it provides a pleasant day for relaxing and is a fantastic beach.

Sintra Beach Hotels

You can find some great hotels if you prefer to stay near the best beaches near Sintra.

Charm Nature

This romantic hotel is a 30-minute walk from Praia da Ursa’s sandy beach, where you can spend a day or more. Enjoy the breathtaking view, and there is also a swimming pool available with different accommodation options.

Arribas Sintra Hotel

At Arribas Sintra Hotel, you have a large seawater pool that attracts everyone to Praia Grande. Here, you can sunbathe with magnificent views over the beach. Choose a room with a balcony and sea views and a restaurant.

Wrap-Up: Beast Beaches Near Sintra

While you will not find the best beaches in Sintra, many beaches will be nearby.

Choose your favorite beach to sit in the soothing sand and savor the stunning views.

These beaches near Sintra offer something for everyone seeking surfing 🏄 adventures, a peaceful day by the sea, or family-friendly fun.

The available options, such as bus or car, are all within reach. Sintra’s coastal area is a must-visit destination.

So, explore the dramatic cliffs or relax at any beach near Sintra.

Frequently Asked Questions

The closest beach to Sintra is  Praia das Maçãs. To reach the beach, you can take the 441 Scotturb bus, which travels every hour from Sintra train station. Or you can catch a bus from Sintra train station on route 439 to Praia Grande and walk 1.6 km along the footpath to Praia das Maçãs.

You can get to the beach from Sintra with the Electrico de Sintra tram that connects Sintra to the Praia das Maçãs Beach.

No, Sintra is not a beach town filled with palaces and historical buildings; some of the best beaches, like Praia das Maçãs, are nearby.

To get to Praia da Ursa from Sintra, you can travel by taxi or UBER, which takes 20 minutes. There is no public transport available from Sintra to Praia da Ursa. But a bus available at Av Desidério Cambournac 1 will arrive at Estr Nova 28. Services depart hourly and operate every day.

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