7 Hills of Lisbon

Aah, the 7 hills of Lisbon, what a sight to see as I have traveled them often as there is always something new to explore along the hills in Portugal.

But now that you are planning a trip, you may wonder how to get up and down Lisbon’s seven hills. Thankfully, I know all the shortcuts, and most are free!

So, you need not use public transport if you do not want to. Let’s discover them together as you will easily tackle Lisbon’s city of seven hills with some comfortable walking shoes.

Grab your shoes, and let’s get moving.

7 Hills Lisbon: Symbolic Points

The 7 hills of Lisbon are as legendary as Rome; it was born among seven hills. These hills are:

  • São Roque
  • São Jorge
  • São Vicente
  • Santo André
  • Santa Catarina
  • Chagas
  • Sant’Ana.

A fact is that these seven hills of Lisbon are prominent points in the city even today. People have written many poems and songs about the 7 hills of Lisbon. The best part is the incredible viewpoints like:

  • Miradouro de Santa Catarina
  • São Pedro de Alcântara
  • Miradoura da Graça

tallest hill, the Graça, behind Castle São Jorge.

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Why Explore The Seven Lisbon Hills?

Visiting Portugal, especially Lisbon, is magnificent as there are loads to see on the seven hills and not to forget the cobbled streets.

The best part is that you can easily access many routes of the 7 hills of Lisbon and not pay for a car or day pass for public transport, costing €6.60.

Is it worth it? Yes! Walking uphill might seem tedious, but there are many ways to get there, so let’s find out how.

Hot Tip🔥: If you are wondering when to visit 7 hills, why not check out why you should visit Lisbon in May for a great vacation?

Getting Around The 7 Hills of Lisbon

Thankfully, when I went to Lisbon, I discovered they have an outstanding public transportation system to navigate the city of 7 hills, Lisbon.

It made it easy for me to travel between the hills to see all the highlights.

The fact is that the city is recognized for its funicular elevators and trams. Still, most people go on the famous Tram 28 or even the Santa Justa Elevator.

So, the most comfortable way to travel around the  7 hills of Lisbon, especially in summer, is the public transport system.

Which Bus or Tram Should You Take to Explore Lisbon’s 7 Hills?

  • To visit Castelo de São Jorge (Castle São Jorge), take bus 737, which takes you up São Jorge Hill.
  • For stops near Miradouro de Santa Luzia and Miradouro da Graça, take Tram 28. From here, you can also head to the castle Castelo de São Jorge, Igreja de São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon Cathedral, and the famous Feira da Ladra flea market in São Vicente, and not to forget the National Pantheon.
  • To explore Bairro Alto, travel with the historic Elevador de Santa Justa. You find it close to Rua Augusta, and when you reach the top, you enjoy a spectacular view over the Tagus River.
  • Another way to travel to Bairro Alto is with the Ascensor da Bica to explore Santa Catarina Hill, and you can find the Miradouro de Santa Catarina here.
  • To reach Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara and head to Principe Real, travel with the Ascensor da Glória.

All of the above are excellent ways to travel up and down the 7 hills of Lisbon.

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Using The Lisbon Public Transport System

The Lisbon transport system comprises all funiculars, buses, and trams. Still, when you get on these transport systems, you must pay a high fee for a one-way ticket, €3.80, or a return ticket, €5.80.

I recommend you invest in the Lisboa Card to bypass these high costs. The card lets you access famous sights around the city, including monuments and museums. Alternatively, for €0.50, you can use a Navegante card.

The great thing about the card is that you can top it up to buy tickets for transport. Or use your Navegante card to buy a ticket valid for 24 hours, costing €6.60.

So, you can easily use it to explore all the 7 Hills of Lisbon.

Take The Lisbon Tuk-Tuk


Another favorite of mine is to explore the 7 hills of Lisbon with an electric tuk-tuk. It is a great way to explore the city when pressed with time.

These transport systems are sustainable and climate-friendly. You will have a guide showing you all the sights, and it will save you time walking.

You can find different tours, from street art tuk-tuk tours to ones with snacks. So, you can enjoy the fabulous view along the River Tagus.

Tramcar Lisbon Tour

Another way I found fabulous to uncover the city’s charms is with the Lisbon Hills Tramcar Tour.

The fantastic thing is exploring the city at your own pace, as the tickets are valid for up to 24 hours. Hence, exploring the 7 Hills of Lisbon becomes a breeze.

Another highlight is that only a few people use the tramcar, and you can get on/off when you want. Also, a small reminder is that the Historic Hills Tram is a guided tour, and Tram 28 is part of the public transport system.

Furthermore, you can get audio guides in English, Dutch, and German. Investing in a tram ticket is available for 24 hours with free entry to the funiculars Bica, Lavra, and Glória.

On the other hand, you also have free entry to the Carris yellow trams and the Yellow Bus red trams for 24 hours. Unfortunately, Tram 28 is not part of the ticket.

Take a Free Escalator or Lift Ride

Another great thing is that you can walk the 7 Hills of Lisbon if the hills do not scare you. But make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes on.

But you can defeat the heights by taking the escalators. These are free, but you must pay for cable car rides.

An escalator at Martim Moniz Square takes you up to the Moreira top. While closer to the boarding stop of Tram 28, you have the Escadinhas da Saúde 2.

While the Elevador Castelo takes you to Castelo de São Jorge castle. Still, the 1st elevator takes you halfway from Baixa Rua dos Fanqueiros to Rua da Madalena. Once you leave the elevator, the walking distance to Elevador da Baixa is short.

It is situated on Largo Chão do Loureiro and takes you near the palace. You will find the lifts next to Pingo Doce supermarket. Then, you will reach the Castelo de Sāo Jorge from Lift Castelo in ten minutes.

But remember to stop and take in the scenic view of the city. You must pay an entrance fee at the castle, but it is worth it. There is also a colossal periscope to look at Lisbon.

The elevators are open daily between 7h00 and 21h00. Then you have the Elevador de Santa Luzia that takes you to the Alfama district to reach Santa Luzia and the Portas do Sol.

Now, reaching the top at Baixa is challenging in lower-located neighborhoods. I recommend entering the Baixa-Chiado Metro station and taking the inside escalator to the top. You will not need a ticket when crossing the station.

While between Restauradores and Rossio Metro station, you find a lovely building with a Starbucks. Another set of escalators is found inside Estação do Rossio.

These lifts take you to Calçada do Carmo. When you reach the top, you can enjoy the sights of the Carmo Convent, a quick walk away.

As you can see, these are great ways to travel the 7 hills of Lisbon and a breeze.

A Short Summary of The Lisbon Elevators

  • To explore the Mouraria neighborhood, you can head to Martim Moniz Square to take the Escadinhas da Saúde.
  • To visit Bairro Alto, take the Rossio Square Station escalator toward Calçada do Carmo or head to Baixa Chiado metro station for a shortcut.
  • To explore Lisbon Castle, take the Elevador Castelo and the Elevador da Baixa found on Largo Chão do Loureiro.
  • To reach Poras do Sol, head to Alfama to take Elevador de Santa Luzia.

Travel The 7 Hills of Lisbon by Taxi

Okay, if the above sounds like a lot of walking, you can take a taxi. Bolt and Uber are available, but only use them to drive to specific places.

For instance, if you want to be dropped off at the castle Castelo de São Jorge, the drivers will stop as close to it as possible, as they cannot enter a car-free zone.

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What Can You Do at The 7 Hills of Lisbon

One thing I found worth visiting each of the 7 hills of Lisbon was the sights, and you can explore a few things at each.

The Famous Hill São Jorge

 São Jorge Hill

You will find amazing sights on this hill, like Portas do Sol, Cathedral Sé, and São Jorge Castle.

The Mouraria and Alfama districts are great for exploring on foot as they have plenty of parallel streets with fado restaurants serving the nicest food.

You can see the Fado Museum or enjoy incredible panoramic views from any miradouro.

Formerly Known Santa Engrácia


On the Alfama outskirts, you find São Vicente, famous for the National Pantheon and Monastery São Vicente de Fora.

Visit the Feira da Ladra flea market, which is open every Tuesday and Saturday. There are a few highlights around the Campo de Santa Clara area.

Another fantastic place is the church tower of São Vincente de Fora, or take in the view of the Pantheon.

The Hidden Allaeys in Alfama Santo André


Santo André is behind the castle, close to the Graca district. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the Lisbon sunset.

At Santo André, you can find parks, art, and numerous restaurants to enjoy a meal while getting your breath and enjoying nature. I recommend you visit Jardin da Cerca da Graca.

Or look at the Azulejo tiles in the Igreja Paroquial da Graça church. Miradouro da Graça. A new cable car is being built here to make reaching the place more accessible.

Visiting the 7 Hills of Lisbon: São Roque


Close to Elevador da Gloria, you find São Roque, and the most effortless way to reach the surrounding areas and São Pedro de Alcântara is with the cable tram.

On top of the hill is the neighborhood Principe Real, with bars, excellent restaurants, and concept stores. Also, check out the beautiful architecture of the São Roque cafe.

You can also visit the Lisbon Botanical Garden to escape the bustling city. São Roque is in the city center of Lisbon, and you must not miss the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara view.

Exploring the neighborhood at night is also fun, as are visiting eateries and bars.

Carmo Convent


When you take the Santa Justa Elevator, you reach the home of the Carmo Convent in Chagas Hill. Or if you want to miss out on all the queues, take the escalator at the Baixa-Chiado metro station.

Sant’Ana, One of the Favorite 7 Hills of Lisbon


@ Zenith Lisbon

Head to Sant’Ana to explore Jardim do Torel for hidden gems and discover a great view with quiet restaurants.

Some of my favorites are Sr. Lisboa for dinner and Zenith for brunch. There is also a park you can visit on Campo Mártires da Pátria.

Santa Catarina


You get a spectacular Miradouro Santa Catarina Hill view from the Santa Catarina Hill. Here, you will find bustling nightlife and restaurants in Bairro Alto.

When you head down to the bottom, you find Cais do Sodre and Pink Street, lovely streets to explore. Here, you may even find a street musician along the way. 

Then head west to Belem and Cascais and remember to visit Green Street, which is filled with plants and restaurants.

The Advanced Lisbon Quiz

You’re now at the advanced Lisbon quiz with more difficult questions. No one gets every question right, so don’t beat yourself up on it. Good luck.


As you can see, there are many ways to travel around the 7 Hills of Lisbon to explore the magnificent sights in the city.

Hopefully, the information helps you navigate Lisbon easily, whether you take a tram, bus, escalator, or taxi.

Alternatively, you can get on an iconic funicular or tram to complete your trip through Lisbon. Also, remember to go exploring Lisbon’s lower parts as well.

Some of the most charming spots are Belem, Cais do Sodre, Baixa, and Oriente. Here, you can enjoy a flat surface to get fresh air cycling along the River Tagus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is famous for its hilly landscape. The town is built on seven hills, which offer stunning views of the surrounding areas. Each mountain has its unique character, with beautiful neighborhoods and monuments worth exploring.

Lisbon is a great city for tourists who like to walk. The city’s hilly streets and narrow alleys make for a charming urban landscape, and there are plenty of sights to see along the way. All in all, Lisbon is a walkable city worth exploring on foot.

Lisbon is a city with varying degrees of hills and slopes. The town is built on seven hills, spread across the city and providing stunning views of the surrounding areas.

It is worth noting that some of the hills are steeper than others, so walking around the city can be a bit challenging at times.

Yet, the town is well-equipped with public transportation, including trams and elevators, to help visitors navigate the hilly terrain.

Lisbon is a captivating city with much to offer for people of all ages. It’s known for its vibrant nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and stunning architecture. For young people, Lisbon can be an exciting place to live, mainly because of its affordable cost of living compared to other European cities.

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