Lisbon in March

The arrival of March brings warmer temperatures and the first signs of spring to Lisbon.

As the rainy winter months give way to sunnier days, trees regain their leaves, and flowers bloom across the city.

March averages highs of around 18°C (64°F) and sees over 140 hours of sunshine, making it a pleasant time to explore Portugal’s hilly capital by foot or tram.

With fewer tourists than the summer rush, March invites you to experience Lisbon like a local.

The sights are still illuminated with golden light, cafe terraces reopen for the season, and events like music festivals usher in spring.

Learn the ten best ways to enjoy Lisbon in March’s comfortable weather.

Hot Tip: Still, if you’re planning a trip in February, the month of love, there are also many things to do in Lisbon, so check it out.

Lisbon in March: What to Do

With the daylight hours available, you can do a few things. Here is my list of favorite things to do in Lisbon in March, with its average temperature. 

1. Take Advantage of Daylight Hours

25 de Abril Bridge

Lisbon stretches along the northern bank of the broad Tagus River, which flows into the Atlantic nearby. March is not a peak tourist season and a perfect time to explore the river in mild temperatures.

March’s earlier sunsets allow you to take full advantage of daylight hours on a boat trip drifting along the shimmering waters of the Tagus.

Multi-language cruise options pass by the 25 de Abril Bridge’s imposing stone arches, the Belem Tower, and the Monument to the Discoveries.

Early spring’s cool breezes keep the onboard experience comfortable.

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2. Admire Tiles in Alfama

Alfama Sunset

Lisbon’s old Moorish quarter, Alfama, contains some of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval streets.

Its winding roads date back to the 8th century when the Iberian Peninsula was under Arab rule.

Today, Alfama’s tile-covered buildings create a vivid mosaic reflecting Lisbon’s diverse history.

Early spring light casts sunny weather with a warm glow upon azulejo-lined churches and homes. Come around sunset for a quiet, magical atmosphere.

3. Enjoy Beach Days


With over 290 days of sun per year, Portugal boasts plenty of coastline.

But fewer travelers realize Lisbon also offers terrific beach options just half an hour away amid Sintra’s mist-covered hills. You can enjoy an average sea temperature.

 Here, beautiful beaches like Praia Grande, Adraga, Praia das Maças, and Azenhas do Mar all make incredible coastal escapes to take the first dips of spring as temperatures start warming up.

Don’t miss Sintra’s postcard-perfect Pena Palace, either.

Hot Tip: Enjoy day trips to Cascais, which has fantastic beaches and places to see. 

4. Enjoy Nature Activities

Tucked on the southern coastline, the  Arrabida Natural Park contains nearly 68 square miles of lush Mediterranean vegetation and angular limestone cliffs dropping into the sea.

Lisbon in March ushers in prime hiking and mountain biking conditions to explore the park’s over 500 plant species and diverse wildlife.

Early spring’s greenery and flowers put on vivid displays after winter dormancy. Stop for sunshine along hidden coves perfect for picnicking.

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5. Soak Up Cafe Culture

March in Lisbon

Lisboetas have a word for their unique brand of relaxed sociability: “Saudade.”

March is an ideal time to enjoy cafe terraces while sipping Portuguese coffee or a cocktail. 

So head to Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara to enjoy a lovely spot for a morning coffee and stunning views. 

Down in Baixa’s Rossio Square, sip an afternoon imperial beer at one of many kiosk cafes. Enjoy Lisbon’s cafe culture alongside locals.

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6. Lisbon Animation Film Festival

cinema são jorge lisbon

Since 2002, the Lisbon Animation Film Festival (Monstra Festival) has celebrated creativity’s limitless possibilities in animated cinema.

Fans flock to the cultural hub Cinema São Jorge in March for inspiring screenings, workshops, and exhibits.

Monstra strives to make animation accessible, with many free activities for kids and families.

Bursting with colorful vision, Monstra reminds us that imagination remains boundless at any age.

One thing for sure is you can look forward to different festivals the entire month.

7. LGTBI Film Festival

LGTBI Film Festival

Held every March since 1997, the Lisbon LGTBI Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema Queer) promotes equality and dialogue around gender and sexuality.

The perceptive event lineup reflects global diversity with humor, emotion, and insight.

Special supporting programs also strive to increase queer visibility and legal protections in places where discrimination persists.

By spotlighting unheard stories, the festival advances mutual understanding across all borders.

8. Take Part in Indoor Events If It Rains

In Lisbon, you can find up to 16 indoor events to do if it happens to rain. You can find many places to do wine tasting, visit a museum like the National Museum of Ancient Art, and explore the great malls around the city. 

Hot Tip: While it is the start of spring, you can experience days with highs and lows. But on high days, head to any of the Lisbon parks to enjoy a picnic.

Or head to the Lisbon LX Factory to enjoy the street art and shops. 

9. Welcome Spring in Lisbon’s Green Havens

Home to seven hills like its ancient cousin Rome, Lisbon harbors abundant green spaces whose mild March temperatures entice residents out after winter.

The centrally located Edward VII Park unfolds regal tree-lined walkways near Avenida Liberdade’s luxury shops.

Tangled pathways climb towards the panoramic Miradouro de Graça in Lisbon’s oldest quarter, Alfama.

Or escape into Monsanto Forest Park’s 1,000 hectares of woodlands and walking trails just west of the city.

Another highlight is that there are beautiful gardens to see at the Lisbon Botanical Gardens.

10. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Lisbon Style

St Patrick's Day Lisbon

You may not realize that Portugal has shared close historical ties with Ireland for centuries.

On March 17th, Lisbon puts its Latin spin on St. Patrick’s Day with parades, dancing, live music, general merrymaking, and Portuguese dishes. 

Locals adorn themselves in green accessories for the festivities in Baixa’s Irish pubs.

Or, for a calmer celebration, head to Miradouro de Santa Luzia during the day. Its sea views have earned it the nickname of Lisbon’s “most Irish terrace.”

Lisbon Weather in March

As spring begins in March, Lisbon enjoys progressively warmer and rain-free weather.

Average daytime temperatures hover around 18°C (64°F), cooling to 10°C (50°F) at night.

Almost half of March’s 12 daily daylight hours receive direct sunshine. While precipitation still falls on average eight days in March, rainfall totals decline rapidly from winter’s wetter weather.

Pack layers for Lisbon’s occasional winds, especially near the Tagus River. But expect generally agreeable early spring conditions perfect for Lisbon’s sidewalk cafes and outdoor sightseeing.

So, you explore the city to enjoy ice cream with the fantastic views. 

Is There Much Tourism in Lisbon During March?

While global visitors flock to Lisbon during the summer peak season, March provides a beautiful window for experiencing the city before crowds arrive.

Compared to August, March receives roughly half as many visitors. You’ll be sharing sights with far fewer fellow travelers.

Accommodation prices also remain budget-friendly before lodgings and hotels raise rates for summer.

With its mild weather and relaxed ambiance before the tourist rush, March invites you to discover Lisbon’s authentic charms alongside the locals.

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Wrap-Up: Visiting Lisbon in March

Welcoming weather and Bloomsday celebrations beckon visitors to Lisbon in March.

You can savor Atlantic breezes while cruising the Tagus River, wander amid Alfama’s medieval lanes, or embrace café culture as sidewalk terraces reopen. Nearby hilltop Sintra tempts with mist-veiled palaces and beaches to revive sea dips.

So, join Lisboetas in leafy parks and at vibrant festivals like Monstra. With fewer tourists than summer, Lisbon promises pleasant temperatures and singular cultural experiences in March.

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