Lisbon Packing List

I am so glad you are planning a trip to Lisbon. The big question arises: what is your Lisbon packing list to ensure you are ready for your vacation?

Well, I have lived in Lisbon, and now I often travel there whenever I can throughout the year, as this city has different seasons.

So, you are in luck, as I have a detailed packing list for everything you need to bring to Lisbon in 2024, depending on when you plan to visit.

Still, if you do not want to read until the end, here is a table to check out.

MonthLisbon Packing List
JanuaryWarm clothes with a warm jacket and comfortable closed shoes
FebruaryWarm clothes with a rain jacket and comfortable shoes
MarchLight sweater with a light jacket with comfortable walking shoes
AprilLight sweater with a light jacket with comfortable walking shoes
MayLight sweater with a light jacket with comfortable walking shoes
JuneT-shirts, light pants, light jacket for evenings, walking shoes
JulyT-shirts, shorts, sandals, and comfortable walking shoes
AugustSummer clothes, sun hat, sunglasses with walking shoes
SeptemberSummer clothes, sun hat, sunglasses with walking shoes
OctoberSummer clothes, a light jacket for evenings, walking shoes
NovemberWarm clothes, waterproof jacket, and walking shoes
DecemberWarm clothes, waterproof jacket, and walking shoes

Do Not Pack a Portable Speaker

First things first, before gearing up for your Lisbon trip for beach relaxation and thinking of packing your portable speaker, I recommend reconsidering it.

In 2023, Portugal told beach lovers to maintain a quiet atmosphere on the shores. This rule applies whether you are on the coastline or river beaches.

So, no more portable speakers playing loud music at the beach, or you may be fined from €200 to up to €36,000.

The Easy Lisbon Quiz

Ready to test your Lisbon knowledge?

I’ve made an easy Lisbon quiz with 5 questions. Let’s see if you can get them right. 🤞

Lisbon Packing List: 12 Essential Items


Great. Now that you know what you should not bring, what should you bring to Lisbon? My list includes everything you must bring along, but it depends on where you plan to go and the weather.

1. Comfy Shoes

If you are Visiting Lisbon, bring comfortable flat shoes. Choose comfortable, non-slip shoes to climb those cobbled streets and hills.

Both Lisbon and Porto have hilly streets you need to climb. So, invest in comfy shoes. The type of shoes you bring depends on when you visit and what you plan to do.

Regardless of when you visit, packing flip-flops or heels is not a good idea as your walking shoes.

Hot Tip🔥: If you plan to visit river beaches or other water-inspired activities, I recommend you bring water shoes to protect your feet. Also, do not forget your oversized beach towel.

2. Safety Purse

While Lisbon is safe with low crime rates, it does not mean crime cannot occur. A potential crime in both Lisbon and Porto is pickpocketing.

I recommend bringing along a travel safety purse or a travel backpack. You can look at one with a five-point anti-theft security system.

3. A Day Bag

Bring durable hiking boots and a day bag for a day trip to explore Lisbon and its surroundings or engage in any outdoor activity. A day bag can hold all your essentials, including a camera.

4. Universal Travel Adapter

While an international charging adapter is a no-brainer, you can forget it. You can use the device in any country, no matter the voltage requirements or the plug shape.

Planning On Going To Lisbon?

I’ve created a trip planner where you enter the number of days you’re going and what activities you want to do.

Based on your input, you then get an entire vacation planned with ideas.

plan your trip to Lisbon

5. Invest in Packing Cubes

For your trip to Lisbon, invest in some packing cubes, as they are handy for packing a mix of clothes for different activities. So, you need not rummage through a jumbled suitcase. The best part is it keeps your clothes wrinkle-free.

6. A Power Bank

Lisbon, Portugal, is a lovely city with great photo opportunities around every corner.

So, you will reach to your phone often to capture the moment. Still, frequent use drains the battery, and having a portable power bank or battery pack helps.

7. Sunglasses

Whether you visit Lisbon in summer or winter, expect to see loads of sun. So, if your eyes are sensitive, remember to pack your sunglasses.

8. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Investing in a quick-dry travel towel presents you with many benefits. You can use it at the beach for lounging, as a packing cushion, or for bathing at your accommodation.

9. Toiletry Bag

It might sound obvious, but it remains an essential item for your Lisbon packing list to remember to pack one in. Preferably, choose one that lies flat with see-through compartments to provide easy access to your products.

Here are the best things to do in Lisbon In June 2024

I’ll send you a list of the best things to do in May and every month moving forward from today.

It’ll be based on my personal experience of living and traveling around Lisbon. A lot of hidden gems.

Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

10. Photocopies of Important Documents

While a copy of your passport will not get you into Lisbon at the airport, it remains a great thing.

Imagine the stress of misplacing your passport. Having copies of all your essential items will be a great help.

Always keep your copies with you during your visit for a worry-free experience.

12. European ESIM

Do you need another SIM when traveling in Lisbon? Yes, you do, and investing in an eSIM is a must. Instead of swapping your cards, you can activate the eSIM with a few taps on your phone. Now, you can stay connected when traveling through Portugal.

Hot Tip🔥: To plan our trip to Lisbon, check the best times to visit the vibrant city.

The Most Important Lisbon Packing List Item


When packing for your trip to Lisbon, let fashion take a step back and pack comfortable, non-slip shoes in your suitcase.

I cannot mention this enough, as those picturesque cobblestone streets and hilly terrains have become challenging.

City streets can become slippery and uneven. So, whether you visit in winter or summer, ensure you have comfy shoes.

Hot Tip🔥: Also, pack comfortable, broken-in non-slip shoes. You can also bring extra insoles to support your long exploration days.

Lisbon Packing List: Month-by-Month

Are you wondering what to pack for Lisbon no matter the time of the year you travel? Check out this season’s packing list to ensure you are covered for your vacation.

January to February

Lisbon in January

When you travel between January and February, Lisbon experiences winter months. However, the weather can be mixed, with cooler temperatures and changing weather patterns.

Temperatures range between 8°C and 15°C (46°F and 59°F). If you take a day trip to the Algarve, it will be slightly warmer. There is infrequent rain, so you must prioritize light clothing with warm layers.

So, pack warmer clothes like sweaters, thermal leggings, waterproof jackets, and an umbrella for unpredictable showers. And remember the warm shoes for the hilly terrain.

March to April

Lisbon in March

March to April is when spring starts in Lisbon, but the weather still provides an unpredictable dance.

The days can feel warm, hovering between 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F), while in the evenings, you will reach for a cozy sweater or a lightweight jacket.

So, you can expect to stroll along the hilly terrain and find the sun gone and cool evenings rising.

I recommend packing for versatility, including warm clothes with light layers you can remove. You can even pack in a lightweight waterproof jacket and comfortable flat shoes for the cobbled streets.

May to June

Lisbon in May

May to June is a magical time in Lisbon, Portugal, as it is the coveted shoulder season. You can enjoy a sweet spot in these months with warmth as the season prepares for the summer months.

The temperatures are comfortable around 16°C to 25°C (61°F to 77°F). However, do not be fooled; the evenings can still be cold. So, your Lisbon packing list should include a sweater or light jacket.

Furthermore, invest in a good bug spray when visiting the countryside. As important as packing light clothes with warm layers, pack in a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses for added protection.

You can also head to the beach during this time, so remember to pack your reusable water bottle and other must-haves.

July to August

Arco da Rua Augusta

During the summer months in Lisbon, from July to August, you can expect sizzling temperatures between 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F).

When preparing for your summer months visit for city explorations, keep your clothing lightweight with light dresses and pants made with breathable fabrics.

Think of flowy dresses, linen shirts, and flat shoes that are comfortable and open-toed for hilly terrain.

If you plan to visit the beach, invest in an oversized beach towel, flip-flops, and a trusty swimsuit.

Hot Tip🔥: For the Portugal packing list summer edition and beach days, invest in a cooling towel, durable hiking boots, a day pack, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle for your summer activity.

September to October

Lisbon Delight To Travel in October

The second shoulder season occurs from September to October. The peak summer months simmer down, but the temperatures remain warm.

They range between 18°C and 28°C (64°F and82°F). During the day, you can wear your flow dresses, light clothing, shorts, and tees, but also pack a cozy sweater and warm layers for the evening, like a jacket.

Hot Tip🔥: If you enjoy beach relaxation, you will love the ocean temperatures this time of year for diving, surfing, and dips.

November to December

Christmas In Lisbon (The Ultimate 2023 Guide)

At this time, Lisbon prepares to transition into winter, and temperatures range between 10°C and 18°C (50°F and 64°F).

You can expect cooler evenings with occasional rain showers, and it helps to have a heavier jacket on hand. So, it is wise to pack a waterproof jacket, umbrella, and warm shoes.

So forget about packing the summer staples and pack sweaters, a decent jacket, and long-sleeve shirts.

Still, even with the colder weather, Lisbon remains charming as the streets come alive with Christmas markets and festive decorations. 

Tips on What To Wear In Lisbon

Lisbon has no dress code and a more relaxed vibe when needing packing attire. Here is what I suggest:

  • No matter the season, pack comfortable footwear, such as a sturdy boot for winter and flat, comfy shoes for summer, and ditch those heels.
  • Keep your beachwear for visiting the beach, and do not strut around in the city with them.
  • Whether spring has a mild chill or winter has a biting cold, it helps to pack layers. For fall and spring, opt for light layers, and during the colder months, pack waterproof layers to enjoy a fantastic time outdoors.
  • Most importantly, respect the religious sites during the scorching heat, and if you are a lady, carry something like a pashmina with you.
  • Lastly, opt for versatile clothing to dress up or down. Think of your basic tees paired with jeans for daytime exploring and lovely flow dresses or trousers for the evening.

Hot Tip🔥: I have a complete guide that explains what to know before visiting Lisbon

5 Tips For a Lisbon Packing List


To help get a balance to prevent overpacking or even missing additional items, here are five essential tips when you pack for Lisbon:

Pack as Per The Season

The prime factor in traveling to Lisbon is the season you travel to decide what to pack.

The summers in the southern regions of Portugal are hot, and you need lighter layers for breathable outfits. In winter, in the northern parts, you need warm sweaters, layers, and waterproofs.

While spring and fall offer milder temperatures, you still need a mix of warm clothes with linen shirts or light dresses.

Think About Your Itinerary

No matter where you are headed in Portugal, including Lisbon, think about what you must pack. For Lisbon or visiting Porto, you will need comfortable shoes to walk the streets or use public transport.

Travel Backpack Vs. Suitcase

Lisbon’s cobbled streets are not suitcase-wheel-friendly, and most of the Airbnbs in the historical centers are challenging to navigate with a suitcase.

I recommend investing in a durable travel backpack to get on public transport and walk the hilly streets easily.

Pack Light

You can have a wonderful experience in Lisbon without being bogged down by your overflowing suitcase. It helps to prioritize your packing with essential items.

Pack versatile clothing you can mix and match, and reserve some space for souvenirs you want to bring home.

The Advanced Lisbon Quiz

You’re now at the advanced Lisbon quiz with more difficult questions. No one gets every question right, so don’t beat yourself up on it. Good luck.

Wrap-Up: Lisbon Packing List

Getting ready for your Lisbon trip involves drafting an ultimate packing list. Understanding how to dress is important and will be a game-changer.

Do not forget to pack your passport, photocopies, multiple credit cards, and your travel insurance.

Remember to pack your reusable water bottle and portable power bank. If you visit during summer, prepare for a blend of city exploration and beach relaxation.

For winter, it presents you with a different charm to pack warm layers, such as a cozy sweater and a heavier jacket.

Also, if you are unsure how many days you need in Lisbon, I have a full guide available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to pack depends on the season, but I recommend three to four versatile outfits, comfortable walking shoes, a decent jacket, and a sweater. Take a long day pack for your daily outings, and remember your travel adapter.

Wear warm and waterproof layers like cozy sweaters, rain jackets, comfy shoes, gloves, scarves, and beanies.

Wear light, breathable clothes like shorts, flowy dresses, flat shoes, tank tops, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a swimsuit to handle the heat.

Lisbon has no mosquito problem, but if you head to rural or coastal areas, it’s a good idea to take a good bug spray.

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