Lisbon Street Art

When visiting, I found the vibrant streets of the Portuguese capital captivating, especially the Lisbon street art. Every corner tells a unique story.

As you wander through the distinct districts, you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of artistic expression that reflects the city’s rich Portuguese culture.

So, please put on your comfortable shoes and join me on Lisbon’s captivating street art tour, telling the story of Portuguese and other international artists. 

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Lisbon Street Art: Alfama District


In the heart of Lisbon, Alfama District serves as a canvas for renowned street artists. You can see street art murals in the narrow streets and everywhere.


Among them, Vhils (Alexandre Farto), a Portuguese street artist, stands out, using unconventional methods like drilling and hammering to create stunning portraits that reveal the layers beneath the surface. He has done this on several city walls.

You can find his first face carved in a hidden section close to the Memmo Alfama Hotel behind the church on the wall Travessa das Merceeiras in the Alfama District.

Once you head further away from the carved faces, you find the accomplished illustrator Nuno Saraiva’s mural, Cavaleiros da Posta Real, painted on the wall of the Travessa da Mata, also in the Alfama District.

He was inspired by photographer Etienne-Jules Marey’s horses—the photographer pioneered in the 19th century with animation films.

Then, you have the Poseidon mural by PichiAvo, a visual spectacle capturing the essence of Greek mythology. It is close to the Santa Apolonia station in the Alfama district.

Another gem, located on Calçada de Santa Apolónia, is Mário Belém’s mural, a captivating piece that demands attention and admiration.

As you can see, the Alfama district is full of surprises. But if you are into something different, explore the 10 Lisbon Art Galleries For Artsy Travellers while here.

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Bairro Alto District: Where Art Meets Heritage in the City Centre


Barrio Alto is a cultural hub that beautifully blends tradition and modernity.

Largo da Oliveirinha and Calçada da Glória feature the mesmerizing mural of seven panels presented by the City Council in 2008.

Then you have the “Travessa dos Fiéis de Deus,” a collaborative effort by RIGO and António Alves in 2009. It is also found in the Bairro Alto neighborhood.

Roaming through Rua de São Boaventura, you’ll encounter the contemporary work of Binau, adding a fresh touch to the district’s artistic landscape.

Local artist Regg Salgado contributes a touch of whimsy with the inquisitive sardine on bread in Rua Luz Soriano.

Additionally, “Culture Pharmacy” on Rua do Norte is a testament to the Barrio Alto district’s creative spirit.

Chiado District: Utopia63’s Brazilian Flair


Calçada do Carmo in Chiado District is home to the works of “Utopia63” Oliveiros Rodrigues da Silva Junior. The Brazilian artist infuses the area with his unique style, creating an ambiance that resonates with locals and visitors. It is one of the most amazing Lisbon street art displays I have found.

Graça District: A Tribute to Literary Icons


In 2014, artists paid homage to Portugal’s literary legends in Graça District. Eime’s portrayal of poet Sophia de Mello Breyner on Rua Josefa de Óbidos is a moving tribute.

Mariana Dias Coutinho’s mural on Travessa do Monte honors Florbela Espanca and Natália Correia, blending art seamlessly with the district’s historic charm. Nearby, you can find the miradouros Graca and Senhora do Monte.

João Maurício leaves his mark on Rua Natália Correia, creating a piece that captures the essence of Graça for all passing by to see.

Shepard Fairey’s thought-provoking murals on Rua Natália Correia and Rua Senhora da Glória add another layer to the district’s artistic narrative.

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Belem District: Where Trash Transforms into Art


Another of the best Lisbon Street Art displays is this one found in Belem; Bordalo II transforms discarded materials into three-dimensional wonders.

Behind the Belém Cultural Center, a raccoon made from old tires and bumpers showcases the artist’s environmental message.

The ARM Collective’s mural facing the river, depicting the ten cantos of Camões’ “The Lusiads,” is a striking ode to Portugal’s maritime history.

You can see the mural facing the river when passing by the Carriages Museum.

Alges District: Confronting Social Issues


The Lisbon Street Art addresses the serious issue of child abuse and Nark’s poignant mural in Praça D. Manuel I calls for attention and reflection.

Unveiled in April 2017, this impactful piece on Tram 15 serves as a stark reminder of societal challenges.

You see a small girl with her hands stretched out shouting stop.

Avenidas Novas District: International Collaboration on Display

Now, we travel to Avenidas Novas, where Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo showcases the collaborative efforts of international artists Os Gémeos, Blu, Eric Il Cane, and SAM3. Their work on three empty buildings stands as a global testament to the power of street art.

Amoreiras District: A Blend of Old and New


Amoreiras District boasts one of Lisbon’s oldest murals on Rua Conselheiro Fernando Sousa. From Vhils’ weathered faces to the works of the city’s few female artists, this district offers a unique perspective on the evolution of Lisbon’s street art scene.

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Alcântara District: Creative Hubs and Trash Transformations


Lx Factory, a creative haven in Alcântara, features Lisbon Street Art by prominent artists like Bordalo II and aka Corleone.

The underpass leading to Alcântara-Mar train station is adorned with diverse art, from monuments to cityscapes, showcasing the district’s eclectic spirit.

On Avenida de Ceuta, Bordalo II’s fish scene, crafted from discarded materials, adds an environmental touch to Alcântara’s artistic landscape.

Intendente District: Tamara Alves’ Feminine Touch

Largo do Intendente hosts a striking piece by Tamara Alves, highlighting her influence as one of Portugal’s prominent female street artists. The district’s ongoing revitalization is reflected in its evolving street art scene.

Mouraria District: From Fado to Street Art

Chão do Loureiro, once a market, now serves as a multi-level canvas for acclaimed national Lisbon Street Art.

Mar, Miguel Januário, Nomen, Paulo Arraiano, and Ram contribute to this unique car park experience, inviting visitors to explore their creations freely. You can enter for free without the need to park your car.

Climbing Escadinhas de São Cristóvão, you’ll encounter a large mural celebrating the amateur fado music tradition, a testament to the district’s rich cultural heritage.

Avenida da Liberdade Street Art: Echoes of Culture and Creativity.

As you traverse the sophisticated expanse of Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, the grandeur of this boulevard extends beyond luxury boutiques and historic landmarks. It is a haven for street art enthusiasts. 

When you venture into the enchanting side streets, you’ll discover a vibrant world of street art that pays homage to cultural luminaries, weaving a narrative of remembrance and creative expression.

In the quaint enclave of Travessa de Santo Antão, just off Avenida da Liberdade, a striking mural captures the essence of Portugal’s beloved fado singer, Amália Rodrigues.

Conceived by the collaborative brilliance of Mr. Dheo and Mosaik, this masterpiece serves as a heartfelt tribute, manifesting a decade after Amália’s departure.

The mural breathes life into the narrow alley, portraying Amália with an exquisite blend of colors and meticulous details.

When you ascend to the Torel viewpoint, you’ll encounter a poetic tribute to one of Portugal’s literary giants, Fernando Pessoa.

The skilled hands of Portuguese artist Odith have crafted a mural that encapsulates Pessoa’s enigmatic spirit against the panoramic backdrop of the city.

As you explore the vicinity of Calçada do Moinho de Vento near Torel, the artistic journey continues with two additional murals by Pariz One and Argon.

These creations add layers of creativity to the surroundings, forming a cohesive artistic tapestry that complements the cultural richness of Avenida da Liberdade.

Santos Street Art: A Canvas of Urban Expression

In the heart of Santos, Lisbon, street art becomes a narrative of resilience, renewal, and artistic ingenuity.

On Avenida 24 de Julho, near the Ribeira Market, the charred remains of a warehouse, a phoenix from the ashes, became the canvas for Bordalo II’s artistry.

Utilizing discarded objects, the artist crafted a striking fox, symbolizing life’s fragility and the transformative power of creativity.

Venture to Rua das Gaivotas, and history converges with modernity. Once a school, now a vibrant cultural center, the façade bears witness to the evolution of Santos.

In 2008, during a street art exhibition, Vhils contributed a piece that continues to endure. Despite the building’s transformation, Vhils’ carved face remains an enduring emblem of the district’s cultural metamorphosis.

Then, navigate the streets to Rua Presidente Arriaga, a stone’s throw from the Ancient Art Museum, and encounter a mesmerizing piece by Cyrcle. They were crafted in 2013 by the duo of American artists Davey Detail and David Torres from Los Angeles.

This large-scale mural captivates with its intricate details and vivid expression. Santos becomes a gallery without walls, with each piece contributing to the district’s vibrant visual tapestry.

Join a Walking Street Art Tour: Immerse Yourself in Lisbon’s Creativity

To truly appreciate the dynamic and ever-evolving expressions adorning the city’s walls, joining a walking street art tour is an immersive and enlightening experience.

Knowledgeable guides lead these tours to unravel the narratives behind the vibrant colors and intricate details, offering insights into the artists’ inspirations and the cultural significance of each piece.

The journey often begins in the historic district of Alfama, where narrow alleys and cobblestone streets serve as the canvas for renowned artists like Vhils.

Witness the unconventional techniques employed by Alexandre Farto, alias Vhils, who carves mesmerizing portraits into the city’s walls using drills and hammers.

The murals’ narratives change as the tour progresses to Bairro Alto, reflecting this bohemian quarter’s unique spirit.

Marvel at the collaborative efforts of artists like António Alves and RIGO, whose mural “Travessa dos Fiéis de Deus” has graced the walls since 2009.

Graça, Chiado, and Belem unveil their treasures, with murals paying homage to literary icons, cultural heritage, and even environmental awareness.

The eclectic styles and diverse themes showcase the depth and breadth of Lisbon’s street art culture.

The tour meanders through the Alcântara District, revealing the transformative works of artists like Bordalo II, who ingeniously crafts intricate sculptures from discarded materials.

The juxtaposition of contemporary art against the historic backdrop of Lisbon provides a unique perspective on the city’s evolution.

Culminating in the Mouraria District, where a former market has been transformed into a multi-level car park adorned with works by acclaimed national street artists, the tour is a testament to Lisbon’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its urban art heritage.

Joining a walking street art tour in Lisbon is not just an exploration of murals; it’s an odyssey into the city’s soul, where creativity, history, and community converge to tell a visual story as diverse and dynamic as the city itself.

So, lace up your walking shoes, open your eyes to vivid expressions, and let Lisbon’s street art unfold in a captivating symphony of colors and tales.

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Wrap-Up: Lisbon Street Art – A Living Tapestry of Creativity

As the journey through Lisbon’s diverse districts ends, it’s evident that the city’s street art is a living, breathing testament to its cultural richness.

Each district contributes to Lisbon’s vibrant artistic tapestry, from the historic Alfama to the creative hub of Alcântara. It is like walking through an open-air gallery.

So, next time you find yourself in this charming city, take a stroll and let the captivating street art of Lisbon unfold before your eyes.

You will indeed be enchanted by the creativity and stories embedded in every paint stroke. But that is not all that delights you in the city’s capital. No, check it out. It has some fantastic beaches as well.

Head over to my article on traveling from Lisbon to Costa da Caprica, which has some stunning beaches and attractions. 

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