Things to Do in Lisbon at Night

Lisbon remains spectacular at any time of day, but the city of lights is unique after dark.

You can find many things to do in Lisbon at night as the city comes alive in many ways.

Here, you can find local bars, fabulous pubs with music, the best sunset views, and night tours. Visit the iconic landmarks to get a different perspective of the city.

One thing is for sure: Lisbon’s nightlife delivers. Check out some of the favorite night-time activities to party 🎉 in the early morning hours.

1. Tour the Alfama District For Some Fado Music


Visiting Alfama when the sun starts to fade gives the old neighborhood a different perspective than during the day. As the lights start turning on, you can walk the narrow streets to find a place to eat.

You can walk up the hills to reach some spectacular viewpoints and enjoy a good time. Head to Mirador de Santa Lucia, which still has a typical Lisbon look with a mix of romance and a panoramic view.

Stand and watch the pastel-colored houses. Or head to a Fado show, a must-experience in Lisbon. Fado is a passionate Portuguese music genre.

Some shows even include the best dining experience, and to find a suitable spot, view the Fado houses available on my list.

Hot Tip🔥: For more things to do in Lisbon while in Alfama, view my article on the Alfama district.

2. Enjoy The View From a Rooftop Restaurant


You can find some trendy restaurants where you can enjoy stunning views of Lisbon.

One of my favorite spots is Rossio Gastro, which has a delicious 😋 menu and incredible views. From here, you can see the city at night, and it is a popular spot.

The options are endless, and you can find a rooftop restaurant in any of the Lisbon neighborhoods.

Still, the atmosphere and sights will differ depending on your chosen neighborhood. Another great option is Topo in the Martim Moniz shopping center.

You can enjoy DJ music, Portuguese wines, or other drinks here.

Hot Tip🔥: I recommend making restaurant reservations when dining in Lisbon at night. This helps you plan your night for other things to do in Lisbon at night.

3. Spend The Night in Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto Lisbon

Regarding things to do in Lisbon at night, Bairro Alto is one of the most popular neighborhoods for bustling street parties in the Portuguese capital.

The Bairro Alto district comprises hilly streets with numerous bars and restaurants. It is a popular option for pub crawling and very lively after the sun goes down.

Here, you see groups standing outside with their drinks with live music playing through the night.

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Bica Funicular

Still, before you start pub crawling, take the Bica Funicular up to the São Roque Church to enjoy the views from Miradouro de São Pedro de Alc’ntara.

View the centuries-old houses from the top over Bairro Alto, then head down for a pub crawl.

4. Lisbon’s Pink Street


Cais do Sodre, better known as Pink Street, is trendy and full of bars and clubs. It is one of the most popular spots in the Portuguese Capital.

It also makes for one of the most Instagramable spots in Lisbon. At night, the Red Light District has turned into a party district.

I recommend visiting it during the day and night to see how it transforms after dark. Enjoy some drinks on the streets and spend time with the locals, especially during the energetic nightlife.

You can also take a leisurely evening stroll here to see the street come alive with music.

5. Commerce Square

Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio or Commerce Square, is a great place to enjoy the night sky for a relaxed evening.

From here, you can head to the banks of the Tagus River to see the illuminated Arco da Rua Augusta and, in the distance, see the 25 de Abril bridge silhouette.

Arco da Rua Augusta

The Rua Augusta Arch is one of Lisbon’s hidden gems. Instead of viewing the arch from the bottom, please give it a climb to the top to see the beautiful city from a different angle.

At Commerce Square, famous cafes and restaurants, like A Brasileira, are located in a historic art deco building.

According to history, it was the first coffee shop in Lisbon to serve strong coffee.

6. Take a Tram Ride


Nothing is more exciting than experiencing Portuguese culture with an iconic tram ride. You can see the city after dark; it is a must-do experience.

The yellow trams symbolize Lisbon, and riding one at night adds a touch of magic.

With the Tram 28 route, you can travel through the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon. You will travel in the Alfama district or take Tram 15 through Baixa as far as Belem.

The trams travel every ten minutes. The whole route is 4.4 miles and takes an hour. Furthermore, the trams are less busy after dark, and you can enjoy the city view.

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7. Ride to The Top of The Santa Justa Elevator


If you visit Bairro Alto, take the Santa Justa elevator, which connects Baixa with Chiado.

You can do this just before sunset, and when you reach the large terrace, you can get beautiful views of Baixa, the river, St. George’s Castle, and Rossio Square.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the cafeteria while enjoying the view with a drink. However, it can get busy late afternoon, so getting up there earlier is best.

8. Head to a Viewpoint


Create unforgettable memories at any of the miradouros in Lisbon. You can visit any viewpoint instead of sitting at a rooftop bar.

These viewpoints offer a romantic spot for couples or even a group of people to see the city lights.

You will get a view from a different angle over Lisbon at each lookout spot.

Hot Tip🔥: For more information on where to find these viewpoints, check out my Lisbon Miradouros article.

9. Sail The Targus at Sunset


Take a sailing trip on the Tagus at night for one of the best cruises in Lisbon. It will be an incredible experience to see the historic monuments of Lisbon in front of you.

You will pass under the 25th of April Bridge, and the best part is when the lights in the coastal Capital come on. The city views the best with the historic buildings.

10. Enjoy The Sunset at The Castle of San Jorge


Another of the best evening activities is heading to Sao Jorge Castle in the Alfama neighborhood for a spectacular sunset and breathtaking experience.

The Romans built the castle, but the Arabs and Visigoths later rebuilt it. The castle is on top of the hill, and you can see a silhouette from the historic center.

11. Visit Belém

Belem District in Lisbon

Usually, you check out the buildings with architecture and monuments in Belem during the day.

So, why not explore the neighborhood at night when it is not that busy? Here, you can see the city’s must-see monuments illuminated at night.

Head to Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, and the Monument of Discoveries. Then, sit down at the Tarus River to check the views of the bridge.

12. Enjoy a Meal at The Time Out Market


Before heading out for a lively nightlife in Lisbon, visit the Time Out Market for a meal to start your evening.

The market is famous in the city for fresh fish, and you can find some interesting food stalls in beloved restaurants in Lisbon.

There are also occasional cultural events here. The market is close to the city center, and you can enjoy traditional and international dishes.

Or savor some Portuguese wine, and for dessert, enjoy baked cakes or pastel de nata for the sweet tooth. Here, you will find a wide variety of dishes to sample.

13. Visit a Theatre Performance

Theatres in Lisbon

One thing you should see in Lisbon is the historical theatres. A few options are the Sao Luiz Theatre, which has beautiful architecture in Praca do Rossio.

Here, you can find a great schedule of plays, documentary screenings, comedy performances, and films.

Still, there are many other there are many other theatres in Lisbon. You can explore my list.

14. Explore Lisbon City on a Bike Night Tour

Are you ready to tackle Lisbon’s seven hills and enjoy the cobblestone streets and views? Then, do it on an electric bike.

With the e-bike, you can travel the winding streets, and a tour starts at 6:00 PM each evening that includes the e-bike, a helmet, and a reflective vest.

You will learn about your guide’s favorite spots riding past the National Pantheon and Bel Monte Palace.

15. Learn About The Lisbon Ghosts

Go on a ghost tour to learn about Lisbon’s spooky past. A famous tour is the Lisbon Mysteries – Untold Stories.

You will walk the streets exploring places and landmarks to hear stories about police, horrors, and serial killers.

The tour passes by Chiado and Commerce Square, where you will hear about the punishments handed out in centuries past.

16. Parque das Nacoes


Visit the ultramodern side of Lisbon at night Parque das Nacoes on the northeastern edge of the Tagus River.

You can explore contemporary structures, public art, and vibrant gardens here. After dark, the waterfront comes to life with dazzling streetscapes.

Also, keep an eye out for Casino Lisboa and the cable cars.

17. LX Factory

Lisbon LXFactory 25th Abril

Visit the LX Factory at night to enjoy the most creative venue in Lisbon. It is housed in an industrial structure.

It is a trendy destination with over 50 art organizations, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the Portuguese capital, Alcantara, an art lovers’ haven.

Here, you can explore the street art murals (check out some other art to explore). Explore the weekly feal market to creative events running late into the night. 18. Explore The Illuminated Monuments

Many iconic landmarks and monuments, such as the Monument of Discoveries and Belem Tower 🗼 are beautifully illuminated at night.

It offers a different perspective on the historic sites, and you can enjoy a stroll on a self-guided tour for a magical experience of Lisbon’s history.

19. Eat Some Portuguese Tapas

Another of the best evening activities in Lisbon is exploring the wine scene and enjoying tapas specializing in this famous cuisine. Enjoy a casual and relaxed vibe as you can find many places serving the best glass of wine and tapas on my list.

20. Test Your Skills with Mini Golf

For lively nightlife, enjoy a Mini Golf Experience in Lisbon. Enjoy the game indoors with UV Neon and natural light.

Play 18 holes with quirky and challenging holes, but they are all fun. You find air hockey, pool tables, soccer tables, and a bar at the complex.

It is an outstanding venue if you want something to do with the kids in Lisbon.

21. Play Video Games

A popular thing to do in Lisbon at night is to save the world with video games. But this video game is different as you walk in real life for 1.3 miles to defeat a threat to the world and only have 90 minutes to do it.

You are armed with an action pack and iPad and head out as a time cop with a brief at the Lisbon Escape Hunt Headquarters. Once you leave, your clock starts, and when you are done, you head back to headquarters to relax.

22. Enjoy Wine Tasting

The Lisbon wine scene is something to explore, as many local wineries produce excellent wines. The best part is you can find some great wine bars in the city to enjoy the blend of culture that comes with it. Some bars that come to mind are Garrafeira Alfaia, Winebar do Castelo, and Wine-O-Clock.

23. Explore Sintra at Night

Pena Palace Sintra

Just 30 minutes from Lisbon is the fairytale town Sintra, where most visitors head for the day.

Still, it makes for some great things to do in Lisbon at night. Many believe ghosts and spirits haunt the town as it has a sordid past.

So, take a night-time tour of Sintra to explore the haunted sites, such as Sintra Forest, Moors Castle, and Palacio Nacional da Pena.

Hot Tip🔥: For more things to do in and around Sintra, check out these things to do.

Wrap-Up: Things to Do in Lisbon at Night

Now that you know some of the best things to do in Lisbon at night, you can plan your evening to experience the vibrant nightlife of this beautiful city.

Whether you explore the historic Alfama district, enjoy the views from a rooftop restaurant, or indulge in the bustling street parties of Bairro Alto, there’s something for everyone.

From iconic landmarks to trendy bars and clubs, Lisbon offers a diverse and exciting nightlife worth exploring.

So, make the most of your visit to Lisbon by taking in the city’s sights, sounds, and tastes after dark. Cheers 🥂 to an unforgettable night in Lisbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to travel in Lisbon at night is by using the city buses, as several lines start running around 23:45. You have the Rede da Madrugada and Night Buses, which only operate on weekends. The streetcar on line 28 runs through the historic center, operating until 21:15 and line 15 until 1:00 in the morning.

Dinner time in Lisbon is around 20h00 to 21h00, and restaurants open around 19h00.

Yes, as in most cities, you can walk in Lisbon at night, but you should still take standard precautions about your surroundings.

The best area to enjoy a night-time stroll in Lisbon is Ribeira das Naus, the promenade along the Targus River.

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