Theatres in Lisbon

Discover the cultural and artistic side of the most iconic theatres in Lisbon.

As you know, Lisbon has a rich culture and tradition with a vibrant yet diverse scene of artists and talented companies.

Portugal is a must-see destination for theatre lovers 💏, and the ones on my list are a must-visit in Lisbon.

So, get ready to explore the performing arts scene in Lisbon with my recommendations.

1. Queen Maria ll National Theatre

  • Location
    Rossio Square
  • Opening Time
    From 2:00 PM

The Teatro Nacional Dona Maria ll (The Queen Maria II National Theatre) was rebuilt in the 70s after a colossal fire 🔥 broke out.

The theatre in Lisbon takes the main stage for many national theatre companies. The music venue was founded in 1846. You will find many plays with English subtitles here, making them accessible to everyone.

While packed with classical music, operas, and more, the iconic columns with the Apollo singing to the Muses’ carvings first capture your attention.

Enjoy regular art exhibits, theatrical performances, and guided tours held only on Mondays, with bookings required.

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2. Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

  • Location
    Rua Serpa Pinto
  • Opening Time
    From 1:00 PM

Teatro Nacional São Carlos is one of the most iconic theatres in Lisobn for opera. The theatre opened in 1793 and is classified as a National Monument.

There are three spaces with two spaces in the Main Hall stage for symphonic, lyrical productions, and ballet concerts. Then there is the Foyer, which is the entrance to the theatre.

The opera house is home to the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra and the National Theatre São Carlos choir.

One of the regular schedules is the Festival ao Largo, a month-long performing arts collection in the square.

Entry to this festival is free for all. There are also guided tours of the building.

3. Teatro São Luiz/ Teatro Dona Amelia

  • Location
    Rua António Maria Cardoso, 54
  • Opening Time
    From 3:00 PM

Teatro São Luiz passed through various hands and different names. Today, the Teatro São Luiz is an energetic theatre with regular sessions found in three halls.

These halls are the Bernardo Sassetti Hall, Luis Miguel Cintra, and Mario Viegas Hall.

The theatre was primarily used for cinema and theatre during the first phase, but now you can watch dance, music, talks, and theatre shows here.

It is a theatre for everyone who enjoys performing arts.

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4. Teatro Politeama

  • Location
    Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 109
  • Opening Time
    From 2:00 PM

One of the most famous theatres in Lisbon is Teatro Politeama, which hosts revue shows.

The iconic venue in the city’s historic part stages many great musical 🎶 productions.

The director and playwright Filipe La Feria is famous here, bringing numerous musicals to the stage for adults and children.

5. Teatro da Trindade INATEL

  • Location
    Rua Nova da Trindade, 9
  • Opening Time
    From 2:00 PM

The Trindade, which opened in 1867 in the Chiado district of Lisbon, is one of the city’s most famous theatres.

You can still enjoy films, ballet, theatre, and opera here. The theatre is still making history, offering quality and diverse programs.

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6. Teatro do Bairro

  • Location
    R. Luz Soriano 63
  • Opening Time
    From 2:00 PM

While the Teatro do Bairro is not as historic as the other theatres in Lisbon, its building is ancient.

The theatre and cultural center opened in 2011 and has a small auditorium.

While it has theatre programs, it also has a cinema. You can also see music with Fado performances here.

You can also enjoy African sounds, Jazz, and stand-up comedy shows.

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7. Tivoli BBVA

  • Location
    Av. da Liberdade 182 188
  • Opening Time
    Depends on Show

The Tivoli BBVA Theater is a cultural icon on the Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon. Here, you can experience countless plays, ballets, shows, concerts, and cinema.

For the past century, it has been a cine theater that has kept up with the evolution of time, cultural trends, and technology.

Wrap-Up: Iconic Theatres in Lisbon

Lisbon is a haven for theatre enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of iconic theatres with deep historical significance and vibrant cultural experiences.

Each venue contributes to the city’s unique performing arts scene, from the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II to the Tivoli BBVA, showcasing various performances, including operas, ballets, shows, concerts, and cinema.

Whether you’re a lover of classical music, theatre, dance, or contemporary art, Lisbon’s iconic theatres have something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of performing arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several famous theatres in Lisbon, but the most renowned are Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro da Trindade, Teatro São Luiz, and Teatro Tivoli BBVA.

Tickets for theater performances can be purchased through various channels: online, at the box office, or retail outlets in Lisbon.

Yes, some theaters occasionally offer English performances. Look for international productions or special events at theaters like Teatro Nacional D. Maria ll.

Lisbon has an excellent public transportation system, including the metro, buses/trams, ridesharing, and some theatres within walking distance.

Yes, Lisbon has a few open-air theatres, such as the Cine Society and Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, that provide a unique experience.

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